Shiurim of

Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst, shlit"a

Dayan of Agudath Yisrael of Illinois

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Recent Shailos: Frozen challah, making tzizes at night, wearing a linen shirt, toilet’s ejector pump on Shabbos, nusach for silent shemona esrei, forgetting yom tov candles, coming late to davening Shabbos morning, saying va’yichulu with someone else, kashering an oven, mail on Shabbos, (Available from *NEW


Shailos of the Week: realizing one has something in his pocket on Shabbos, kashering plastic, amount of times a child needs to stand up for a parent every day, carrying on Yom Tov, lighting candles when making early Shabbos, talking in learning while taking a haircut, sh’hechiynu on grafted fruit. (Available from


Post Shavous Shailos: she’hechiyanu after Shavous, protection of homes when visiting the kosel, amount of Torah one is obligated to teach his son. (Available from


Shavous Shailos: waiting between milk and meat, meat and milk in the same meal, dairy meal vs. simchas yom tov, woman mistakenly tasted meat before the dairy Shavous meal, standing up for aseres hadibros.. (Available from


Interesting Shailos of the Week: eiruv chatzeiros in a hotel, order of putting on shoes for women, davening in a traditional and open orthodox shuls, saying boruch sh’patrani without son present, sitting shiva for non-frum relative, attending a seudas mitzva on a yartzeit, buying a double matzeiva, using rent money to fix an apartment, working in a trief company, two kesubos, tefilla before medication. (Available from


Recently Asked Shailos: ben chutza l’aretz visiting E”Y for Yom Tov, yotzei benching with borei nefoshos, chupa during bein hashmashos, early maariv on Yom Tov Sheni, hatafas dam bris on a baal teshuva, repeating netilas yadayim after using the bathroom, (Available from


Shidduchim: checking the resume’ references, segulah/tehillim to find a shidduch, letter to Hashem, age to start davening for a shidduch, hashgacha pratis stories, same names as in-laws, children of converts or bas nidda, checking the brothers. (Available from


Pesach- Arba Kosos; heseiba, berochos, and time allowance. (Available from


Bnei Chutz Leretz in Eretz Yisroel on Yom Tov Sheini (Available from


Shailos of the week: kallah making shehechiyanu on first time lighting candles and mikvah, mezuza- forgot to make beracha\nails vs. glue or Velcro/change direction of entering house, validity of bris done by a non-shomer Shabbos, building a mikvah in a home, temporary mechitza in Conservative Shul, attending a simcha on a yartzheit, bris in Conservative Shul, women and mayim achronim, entering a shidduch with a brother that went off the derech (Available from


Shailos of the week: tevila on used jar, kria at kosel after chatzos, kashering countertops, beracha on peanut butter, date and time of pidyon haben, pre-seasoned pots, damaging a rental car, making seltzer or sushi on Shabbos, wet clothing that dried on Shabbos, (Available from


Shailos of the Week: Taking medicine on Shabbos, Borer "Immediate Use", Borer Cleaning up toys, Eating by someone who doesn't toivel their dishes, Time limit to say Hagomel, Tickets left out a chinese auction, Shinui Makom in Brachos (Available from


P’sakim from R Moshe: Kashering between milchig & fleishig, is smoking assur?, marriage solution for mamzer (Available from


Shailas of the Week: Davening Mincha after Shkiyah, Making a Tie on Shabbos, Mousetraps on Shabbos and Tzar Baalei Chayim, Open box and Used China Dishes, Yoshon Today, Putting up a Mechitza on Shabbos, Eating from Keilim that weren't Toiveled, Yichud in Ubers, Hatov vHameitiv on a New House (Available from


P’sakim from Harav Moshe: Cholov Stam (DA Cows), Sheitel at/after the chuppah, Moroccan Esrogim, Birchas Kohanim (5 Avirim) (Available from


Psakim from Harav Moshe: Diapers on Shabbos, Cameras and Motion Sensors on Shabbos, Bracha on Corn Flakes, Bracha on Chocolate Covered Raisins and Nuts, Keeping 2 days YT on the way to EY (Available from


P’sakim from Reb Moshe: Watches on Shabbos, Bracha on Cholent (Available from


Shailos for the Dayan: kol isha (sisters, group singing), lighting neiros Shabbos too early, when to drink the wine at a bris, length of time to wear the kria shirt at the kosel, giving maaser from a gift, paying a tutor with maaser money (Available from


Unpublished Choshen Mishpat Pesakim from Rav Moshe and Rav Elyashiv, Shtar Mechira for Shabbos. (Available from


Unpublished Pesakim of Rav Moshe Feinstein ZT"L part 1: types of safrus for sifrei torah, electric shavers, birchas hagomel for a mechallel shabbos’s accident on shabbos. (Available from


Recent Shailos to the Dayan: partnership in writing a sefer torah, location of tefillin shel rosh, maaser in lieu of a defaulted loan, podiatrist cutting a growth on parent, asara b’teves on Friday, changing clothes and removing mezuza to avoid antisemitism, schools making tzizis for IDF, bishul akum in a beis yisroel today, making sushi on Shabbos. (Available from


Hilchos Chanukah in sequence of Shulchan Aruch (Simanim 674-682) (Available from


Hilchos Chanukah in sequence of Shulchan Aruch (Simanim 670-673) (Available from


Shailos from the week: forgot to make Hagomel, wishing a gutten erev Shabbos and Gut Voch, eating supper before maariv, daavining for a shidduch on Shabbos, washing and drying hands after visiting a cemetery, al hamichya, name for Tehillim, tums on Shabbos, security system on Shabbos, making a kiddush for a daughter. (Available from


Borer examples: borer b’meizid, removing large pieces, eating nuts, blowing, borer b’shinui. (Available from


Borer Instances: guest’s preference, fruit stem, apple corer, straining liquids, yesod in borer, extra food for guest, amira l’akum b’borer, grapes and bananas. (Available from


Borer b’keli: chicken soup, tuna fish can, utensils, laundry. (Available from


Borer: Fly in soup, gabbai, faucet strainer, warming chicken Shabbos morning, fruit pits, candy wrappers, using cover to strain. (Available from


Interesting Shailos presented to the Dayan: leaving a bris early, using rent money to fix a neglected repair, making a beracha on receiving a yerusha, ponzi schemes, havdalah over the telephone, how much of the levana do you need to see at kiddush levana, shidduch with a family that has an off the derech brother, making a sheitel from one’s own hair, making a beracha on Niagara Falls. (Available from


Fasting on Yom Kippur with Medical Health Issues: mental health, pregnancy, postpartum, fertility (Dayan Fuerst with Dr. Dinner and Dr. Bittan – Kav Halacha) (Available from


Interesting Shailos from the week: Materials used to fasten mezuzos, fasting for a dropped sefer torah, eiruv chatzeros in a hotel, packing on chol hamoed for after yom tov, sprinkler system on shabbos, said birchas hamazon instead of al hamichya, sticking a note into the kosel, mayim achronim for ladies, newlywed saying sh’hechiyanu (Available from


Tefillin: Shabbos/Yom Tov/Chol HaMoed; Multiple Weddings on the Same Day (Available from


Teach Torah to Non-Jews Examples; Kimli Gabai (Available from


Teaching Torah to a Non-Jew: Birkas Kohanim, Caregivers, Priest, Prisoner, etc. (Available from


11 Different Cases in Choshen Mishpat from HaRav Elyashiv ZT”L (Available from


Kriah at the Kosel/Ohr Yehudah/Walls of the Old City, Handling Treif Gifts, Work in Non-Kosher Restaurant, and More (Available from


Choshen Mishpat: Assessing Value of Damage: Case where you are allowed to be a mazik (Available from


Valuing Damage, Mazik a Jew/Goy, Paying for Various Shadchanis (Available from


Practical Choshen Mishpat: damaging someone’s property, hitting someone’s car. (Available from


Questions from the Dayan’s Desk 1: wool tzitzis, v-neck vs. round neck, shiur of beged for tzitzis, giving a non-Jewish name to a child, bishul akum on potatoes, reading glasses on Shabbos, chinese auction and maaser money. (Available from


Unexpected Choshen Mishpat Psakim: spilled milk, Rosh Hashana chazan, neighbor’s tree, water dripping through ceiling, paying shadchanus (Available from


Darchei Sholom in Shidduchim: writing a letter to Hashem, French Tehillim, age to start davening for shidduchim, lying about yichus, lying for darchei sholom, lying about age, case of same name (Available from


Interesting Shidduchim Questions: marrying out one’s league, yeshiva being the shadchan, plastic surgery masking one’s ethnicity, saying loshon hora to make someone feel better after being dropped, asking for information about one’s ex-wife (Available from


Shidduchim Queries: marrying geyorus, shadchan with bad track record, calling references to make sure they will speak positively, hashgacha p’ratis. (Available from


Shuddichim Cases: revealing an unsuccessful attempt to steal, choosing between giyorus or baal teshuva, nazi grandfather, Reb Chaim Kanievky’s psak on shadchanim showing pictures and the rules of “the freezer”. (Available from


Shuddichim: marrying someone as hakaros hatov, case of attempted suicide, nervous breakdowns, lying about parnassah (Available from


Chometz Sh'evar Alav Ha'Pesach (Available from


Matzah on Pesach: is there a mitzva all 7 days and to eat more than the shiur on leil seder (Available from


Mitzva of Achilas Matzah: connection to sippur yetziyas mitzrayim, eating after chatzos (Available from


15 Common Business Shailas: declaring bankruptcy in Halacha, is non-Jewish arbitration considered arkayus, hasagas gvul - opening a competing business, backing out of a rental agreement, must one order kosher for an office party, davening shacharis early, pressing someone for payment, attending a non-Jewish or intermarriage wedding, heter iska cases, maryis ayin - going into non-kosher Dunkin Donuts that have Dunkin Donuts kosher stores in town, praising a non-Jewish worker, baar metzra – selling your home to a neighbor, selling non-kosher food, giving business to a goy over a yid if better deal (Available from


Borer: putting away seforim, unclogging a sink or toilet (Available from


What qualifies as differentiation of taste, name or function (shnei mini ochlin) in Hilchos Borer (Available from


Washing fruits and dishes on Shabbos (Hilchos Borer) (Available from


Borer Cases: percolators, soda bottles, salt shakers, ice cubes, pitchers (Available from


Borer: silverware, peelers, strainer spoon, tea bags (Available from


Fundamentals and Practical Cases of Hilchos Borer: (Available from


Raffle Tickets, Gambling, and Lotteries in Halacha: (Available from


Chanukah: answers to Beis Yosef question, shlichus to light, stopping learning for lighting, yeshivos giving vacation during Chanukah, flying overseas and missing hadlakah. (Available from


Lottery Tickets: stolen lottery ticket, making a partnership to daven to win the lottery, case of shidduch and a lottery ticket, beracha l’vatala switching the lottery tickets, choosing children in a multiple child pregnancy, backing out of a partnership. (Available from


Goral HaGra: Gedolim that used it, how to make a Goral HaGra, should a regular person do it, do you need a kinyan. (Available from


Goral (Lottery) in Halacha: sources in Tanach, practical cases today, goral ha’gra. (Available from


Shailos of the Week: cooking fish in a meat pot, serving non-kosher for clients and workers, quick minyan, magicians in Halacha, waiting 5 hours for dairy, returning a used item to a store, talking after Hamapil, maariv motzei Shabbos for someone who davens sefard, tree that damages neighbor’s property, misleading tip jar, avel at the amud, kriah at yetzias neshama, bechor born from a c-section, frozen. (Available from


Choshen Mishpat P’sokim from HaRav Elayshiv ZT”L part 2: Halachos of Copyright and Rights to Intellectual Properties. (Available from


Choshen Mishpat P’sokim from HaRav Elayshiv ZT”L part 1: when must one build a wall between neighbors (hezek re’ah), can one who has a food allergy stop others from bringing that food into school or work, a plane ticket booked through a travel agent and the traveler did not get his special meal – does the agent or airline have to pay, flight cancellations and other travel agent cases. (Available from


Sukkah: Halachos of Schach, and Using Coverings to Keep Out the Elements (Available from


Purchasing Israeli Arba Minim from a Shemitta Year (Available from


Pruzbol – a comprehensive review of the Halachos (Available from


Chol Hamoed -what exactly is allowed for ochel nefesh (Available from


Halachos pertaining to a Tisha b'Av She'nid'cha (Available from


Mashiach-Obligation to wait for and can he come every day; Is it Permitted to Use Alternative Medicine (Available from


Matters Related to a Person in a Vegetative State ( Comatose, Alzheimer, Dementia) (Available from


Can you lie to prevent an abortion? Can you show hakaras hatov to enemies of the Jewish people? When is it permitted to enter a church? (Available from


Bein Adom L’chaveiro: Paying a Worker on Time; What's Your Obligation to Save a Jew; Transgressing Shabbos/Yom Tov to Save a Life (Available from


Genivas Daas – cases when allowed & when not allowed (Available from


Practical Halacha Cases – giving up one’s own mitzva to allow many more people to do that mitzva, changing contracts and pricing due to inflation, dropping a dishonest real estate agent, etc.(Available from


Shidduchim – deciding from an Aliyah or goral haGra, non-frum sibling, shadchanus for goyim, etc.(Available from


Shidduchim – hiding your identity when checking into a shidduch and other related shailos(Available from


Shiduchim – revealing faults and deficiencies to the other side (Available from


Pesach – Important Halachos of the Afikomen (Available from


Pesach – should one avoid more than 72 minutes between the first 2 Arba Kosos (Available from


Matanos L'evyonim: interesting p’sokim from Reb Shlomo Zalman, Reb Moshe, and Reb Elyashiv (Available from


Halacha of churches today – hallways/yards/side rooms, Beracha when seeing a friend 30 days/12 months, Beracha when getting the news via chilul Shabbos (Available from


Making a beracha on oceans, lakes, mountains, & deserts (Available from


Beracha on Royalty & Presidents, place of miracles, place of Avoda Zara and status of today’s religions (Available from


Halachos of visiting cemeteries/kivrei yisroel, chachmei yisroel and chachmei umos oilam (Available from


When to say the Beracha of meshana ha'brios and on a rainbow (Available from


Halachos of Thunder and Lightning (Available from


Concise Halachos of Yerusha: Husband and wife inheriting each other, grandchildren, bechor getting pi shnayim, does all yerusha need to go to children, can one cut a child out of the will, secular wills.(Available from


Halachos of Dreams part 1: source of dreams today, undoing a bad dream, etc. (Available from


Halachos of Dreams part 2: true stories of dreams and what we can learn from them. (Available from


Halachos of Dreams part 3: Paskening from a Dream (Available from


Halachos of Dreams part 4: paying shadchanus for dreaming about a winning lottery ticket, mitzva kibud av v’em in a dream, dreams of the Rishonim, can one do a mitzvah after they die, being yotzei shma or sefiras ha’omer if said in a dream (Available from


Halachos of Dreams part 5: proving Jewish identity from a dream, negotiating sechar in olam haba, making a siyum (Available from


Halachos of Dreams part 6: Known cases of Gedolai Yisroel paskening from dreams. (Available from


Listening to Music During the Year(Available from


Celebrations in Halacha: mekor for seudas bar and bas mitzvah, birthday parties, celebrating reaching 50, 60, 70, etc. (Available from


Refuah on Shabbos: Intentionally Placing Oneself in Danger; Mentally Ill; Pregnant Wife of a Kohen; To Get a Bracha or Consult a Rav or Doctor (Available from


Choleh on Shabbos: turning on and off a light for a choleh, eating before kiddush, washing for hamotzie over a cast, opening a pimple, telling a goy to call family members on Shabbos to relay an update (Available from


Difficult Decisions in Halacha: choice of doctor – shomer Shabbos or non-shomer Shabbos, picking a driver to drive to the hospital on Shabbos, situation where it may be permissible to speak lashon hara, permissibility to set up a test of honesty for hired help (Available from


Stiches on Shabbos and other Halachos of Tefira: Fastening Disposable Diapers, Safety Pins, Use of a Stapler, Cutting a plastic tie, Zippers – inserting a Lining into a Coat, Moving Post-it Notes, Sealing an Envelope, Labels on Food, Nail Polish on a Run on Hosiery, Band-Aid on Shabbos (Available from


Avoiding Chilul Shabbos in a Hospital: sakanas aver, paying taxi, signing a death certificate, elevator on Shabbos, calling a nurse, using an escalator, etc. (Available from


Hospital Shailos: Hadlakas neiros in a hospital, lighting neiros in the hallway at a Convention, kiddush in a hospital, lechem mishna in a hospital, gluten free and lechem mishna, Havdalah in the hospital (Available from


Shabbos Hospital Shailos – driving to the hospital, a choleh opening a refrigerator and heating up food, using the telephone, yichud issues, nursing mothers  (Available from


Halachos of Refuah #5: is one allowed to have elective surgery starting from 3 days before Shabbos, is one allowed to choose the day of birth (Available from


Halachos of Refuah #4: Shabbos- Doula or husband accompanying a woman in labor, thermometers, what temperature qualifies to be a choleh sheyash bo sakana, leaving hospital on Shabbos for either false labor or released early post birth, can a patient carry from their room to hallway in hospital without an eiruv chatzeiros(Available from


Halachos of Refuah #3: Shabbos- choleh sh’yaish bo sakana, aborting before 40 days, being mechalel Shabbos for non-frum, using a healing segula (kabbalah), 7 cases of who qualifies as a choleh, Hatzhala, how to do a shinuyi, sleep apnea, etc. (Available from


Halachos of Refuah #2: Shabbos- is medicine muktza, opening new medicines, giving medicine to children, eye drops, contact lens, kidney stones, electric plumbing, carrying medicines, canes, crutches, and wheelchairs (Available from


Halachos of Refuah #1: level of illness to take medicine on Shabbos, preventive medicine, antibiotics, mixing the medicines into food before Shabbos, drinking or eating medicine for non-medical reasons, antiacids, laxatives, using chapstick, treating a rash, vitamins or iron pills, using an electric blanket (Available from


Hilchos Yom Tov: using the oven “sabbath mode” on Yom Tov, using time clocks (Available from


Hilchos Milah: born bein hashmoshos (gra/rabeinu tam), issues with a Thursday or Friday bris, pushing off a Shabbos bris if it will cause attendees to drive, using novacaine, interesting corona shaila. (Available from


Hilchos Muktzah: moving a Leichter tray, a sefer with blank papers in it, reading or moving a newspaper or fax that arrived on Shabbos, moving electrical appliances, etc. (Available from


Hilchos Shaimos: what must be put in shaimos and what can be put in the garbage; frum newspapers, parsha sheets, school notes, etc. (Available from


Hilchos Boneh: putting back eye lenses, fixing dents in hats, replacing shoelaces, folding napkins, and using a computer on Shabbos b’shaas hadchak (Available from

  • Halachos of Lo Silbash: Dying one’s beard, when is it acceptable for a women to wear a man’s clothing,
  •  Halachos of Hotazah: what to do if one realized they are carrying something in their pocket,  accepting mail from the mailman.

(Available from


Applying Makeup on Shabbos, Dying hair for shiduchim, parnassa, and sholom bayis (Available from


Hilchos Nidda as Heard From HaRav Elyashiv ZT”L (part 1) Y”D Siman183- 189What type of hargashos make her a niddah, ona ohr zerua, if period is always within the same 3 days is she assur all 3 days, forgot to make bedika on yom vest – does she need to make another bedika afterwards, lost calendar, how long of not seeing dam does it take to void a vest kavua, establishing a vest haguf.(Available from


Hilchos Nidda as Heard From HaRav Elyashiv ZT”L (part 2) Y”D Siman189- 192Does a vest arucha undo a vest k’tzura, hargahsha but no dam, dam on a colored garment, toilet paper today, kesem close to the period, dam in toilet water, shemira for chupas nidda.(Available from


Hilchos Nidda as Heard From HaRav Elyashiv ZT”L (part 3) Y”D Siman 194: Defining a yoledes, inducing earlier, status after an internal examination, pap smear tests, and IUD’s. (Available from


Hilchos Nidda as Heard From HaRav Elyashiv ZT”L (part 4) Y”D Siman 194-196: cont. discussion on internal examination and IUD’s, harchakos - embarrassed not to hand things to each other or handing over a child, visiting a cemetery, moch dachuk, how long after shkiya can she do a bedika. (Available from


Hilchos Nidda as Heard From HaRav Elyashiv ZT”L (part 5) Y”D Siman 196-198: using a tampon as a moch dachuk, counting 5&7, husband out of town on leil tevila, are stitches or fillings a chatziza. (Available from


V’sen Tal U’mator: a ben Chutza l’aretz that visits Eretz Yisroel between Zayin MarCheshvon and December 4th (and vice versa), can he be a shliach tzibur in E”Y.(Available from


Halachos of Mistaken Nedarim: pledged tzedakah because he thought the airplane was going down but it was really a faulty indicator, was misdiagnosed with a tumor. If one is given bad news and needs tefillos – is it better to tell everyone and ask for tefillos or should they keep it quiet, if someone pledged tzedakah after going through a hard time – is it better to give the money to an almana or to a talmid chochom. .(Available from


Dealing with an Akum: mezuza put up by an akum, navigating lo sichonen in the advertising industry, praising an akum, how to work in the cosmetic industry and not be transgress lo sichonen, is the issur of lo sichonen only on a person or even on his property.


Interesting Teshuvos from Gedolai Yisroel part 1: how long after a person becomes a baal yeshiva can he be considered a talmid hayeshiva (for financial purposes), tape recording an mishaberech on Shabbos, substituting kosher for a treif pizza order, can one eat milchigs during six hours after meat in order to avoid telling his wife that he is fleishig, case of frum policeman who sees truck unloading treif meat to a kosher butcher shop.


Interesting Teshuvos from Gedolai Yisroel part 2: case of someone losing money since someone else put a cell phone jammer in Shul, case of person who paid subsidized amount for those who cannot afford it but later became rich and wanted to know if he should pay back the difference, case of two opposing litigants who gave the same Rosh Hayeshiva money to daven for them to win the case, case of a sofer who returned a non-kosher mezuza to a goy, case of fighting over zechus to pay for tzedakah portions at wedding, case of wealthy man that paid for poor person’s meals but then lost his money but he wanted to continue paying anyway.


Interesting Teshuvos from HaRav Shteinman ZT”L: can one name a Shul after a dog, is there an inyan for a mechalel Shabbos to hear Havdalah, if you make Hashem a partner in your business – what percent must you give, special segulah for finding a shidduch, case of an ayin hora with buying a new car.


Damaging the Property of Others Part 1: when is it assur or mutar to be mazik a friend’s property, what is the chiuv to pay if the it is the property of a goy.


Damaging the Property of Others Part 2 – do you pay the devaluation of the kli or what is cost to fix the kli (like hitting a banged  up car), hashavas avieda – does one have to give maaser on an avieda that one returned m’lifnim mishuras hadin? What about if one is m’yaish and he gets it back does he have to give maaser on the “new money” or a loan?

Damaging the Property of Others Part 3: by who’s standard does one estimate when paying damages; buying it in high end stores vs. low end stores, buying on internet, sentimental value, destroying a get, whenever a product is more expensive only because of the ambiance, who is responsible to pay damages when causing a jar to break in a store 2017-11-5

Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 1: Case of negligent car owner, Koton that stole and related cases, Kiruv director allowing certain activities that may be a Chilul Hashem, Working in a non-kosher restaurant, Case getting money back from a ganev even though he was already moichel him.


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 2: committing to something but wanting to back out when discovered cause no longer relevant (adopting a child/collecting tzedakah for a specific cause), claiming a mekach ta’os with a new apartment that has loud neighbors, saying negative things about one side of a shiduch in order to comfort the “dropped” side, interesting shaila in yissocher and zevulan partnership, employee taking products without permission


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 3: case of paying a band for not playing at a Bar Mitzvah, case of being moichel a bully, is it loshon hora to release picture/video of a ganev, case of returning (what he thought were) stolen hotel towels.


Ben Chutza L’aretz Visiting Eretz Yisroel for Yom Tov: what melacha can be done, how to arrange the mechira chometz, arriving on Yom Tov sheni via ship but has intention to live in Eretz Yisroel (Available from


 Yom Tov Sheni : can a ben E”Y arrive in chutza l’aretz on Yom Tov sheni, how to be noheg in a chutza l’aretz hotel with mixed crowd (yishuv yehudim), joining minyan and receiving an aliya -is it considered tefilla b’tzibur? (Available from


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 4: l’fnei ivar in selling cigarettes to s/o who says he will smoke on Shabbos, l’fnei ivar in causing non-frum police to be mechalel Shabbos at a hafganah, l’fnei ivar in going to non-frum doctor, writing a big check to get rid of an insistent m’shulach, doing teshuva for shorting buyers of standard 100 box of plastic bags, shortstopping and damaging someone’s car.


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 5: case of replacing non-matching tiles, cleaning a walkway with your feet from snow with his feet on Shabbos, making a snowman and snowballs on Shabbos, taxi driver who cheated passengers and now wants to do teshuva, is it a chilul Hashem to use a rest stop in Israel that openly advertises they are open on Shabbos, paying for a client’s non-kosher meal


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 6: is it better to make a bris later in the afternoon if it would accommodate more people or traveling relatives, when would one be allowed to “cut the line”, the importance of saying thank you


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 7: mixed up case of hashavos aveida and who is the one who needs to be matriarch to get it to the owner, case of canceled band and who covers the loss due to unusual circumstances like Reb Ovadia Yosef’s levaya that same night, non-frum chosson who hired a band who refused to play without a mechitzah, case of someone stopping a robbery by damaging the stolen getaway car.


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 8: wanting a reimbursement for booking expensive non-refundable tickets based on a mistaken information that he won a raffle, case of a would be robber who was rewarded for scaring away another thief, someone stole flowers from a grave to present to his wife for sholom bayis, does one have to pay for breaking the gabai’s glasses when throwing candies at a choson by his ufruf.


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 9: helping a competitor that stole his customer, putting up a “beware of dog” sign when he does not own a dog, promising someone a longer life if they give tzedaka, disclosing a secret by alerting someone that he is being cheated.


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 10: is one allowed to destroy chometz which he found on chol hamoed that he had sold to a goy before Pesach, using someone’s Sukkah without permission, case where the venom of a snake cured a tumor, is one who had suddenly become wealthy need to reimburse a hotel owner that had previously booked him a very reduced rate because of his poor status.


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 11: is there a chiyuv to return a diary to yorshim if it contains unknown disparaging notes on their parent’s true sholom bayis status, for purposes of kiruv rechokim can one hire a horse and buggy to bring mispallelim to Shul instead of them driving a car on Shabbos, should a college student who recently became frum continue with his job as student union president even though some of the activities are not according to halacha but he can use his influence to at least minimize some issurim, a Shul looking to bring their non-frum mispallelim to Shul more often wants to do so by observing both the Hebrew and English yarzhiet dates, can a janitor break his contract if he struck it rich


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 12: case of someone cleaning up a free posul esrog to being mehadrin and socher now wanting to charge for it, story of donor pulling back from a donation when he thought the Rosh Hayeshiva could not read,  story of someone who requested money for leining, being dan l’kaf zechus, a yeshiva bochur that wanted to play professional football on Shabbos, when to ask a troubled bochur to leave a yeshiva, argument over overpriced pants.(Available from


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 13: case of granddaughter getting pressure to renege on her willingness to forgive her portion of her inheritance, listening to a recorded shiur or even live on skype vs. listening in person, answering amen to brochos sh’aino tzreicha made by someone with alzheimers, collecting tzedakah from someone with alzheimers.


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 14: lying to avoid a machlokes, sharing the kavod of donating an aron kodesh, machshava when giving tzedaka,


Misc. Shailos in Halacha Part 15: selling sandek kos to someone looking to avoid fasting, tricking his father that has dementia to stop collecting tzedakah in Shuls, is one allowed to go on Shabbos to his preferred hospital if it further from a local hospital, different zechusim to have children.


Halachos of Revealing a Secret and Related Shailos: shiduch - case of someone tipping off his friend that he is being secretly observed by a “shver”, medical – can one reveal someone’s illness so they can daven for this choleh or be prepared for life if they do not recover, doctor violating the HIPAA laws if he is reveals important information, lying to wife’s family for his own sholom bayis, lying about age.


Structure and Function of DNA: Introduction to DNA and how affects our lives Dr. Yosef Walder - CEO Integrated DNA Technologies, When Halacha relies on DNA (starting at 49:00) Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst Shlit”a. Click here for the Power Point presentation which accompanied Dr. Walder's presentation.


Hakdama to Hilchos of Berochos: safek berochos, hachanos before making a berocha (covering one’s head, types of clothes needed, etc.), need to stand or sit when making a berocha, washing hands or lichluch or k’neged erva, not having a hefsek between the berocha and eating, if food turned out to be spoiled, preparing the food beforehand, the six types of berochos.


Hilchos Brochos part 1: amount needed of bread for a seudah, when can you talk after starting to eat the bread, mistakenly made a borei minei mezonos on the wrong food, cutting into the bread before the beracha, does salt need to be on the table during a meal and does it need to be dipped or can it be poured..

Hilchos Brachos part 2 2017-2-12

Hilchos Brochos part 3: what foods in a meal are covered by hamotzie, is bread considered tafel if he is only eating it to avoid confusion of what brochos to make, does one make brochos on all foods in the meal even though he washed but ate less than a kezayis of bread or longer than achilas pras, does one bentch if he is full form bread even though he did not eat it k’dei achilas pras, what is the zman of k’dei achilas pras, does one make a berocho reshona on appetizers during a meal.


Hilchos Brochos part 4: if one washed on bread does one need to make a separate brocho on fruit, frozen desserts, cake, regular drinks, coffee and tea, schnapps, specific foods between fish and meat, wine and grape juice.

2017- 11-19

Hilchos Brochos part 5: what other drinks does hagafen cover, ice cream and jello at the beginning of a seuda, if one drank less than a shiur of wine to make an al hagefen, does hagafen cover other wine drinking in middle of the seuda.


Hilchos Brochos part 6: is it a hefsek to add al agefen in his al hamichya if he drank less than a shiur of wine, can one be motzei someone else who ate mezonos but did not drink wine with his al hamichya that includes al hagfen, what comes first in the beracha achrona – al hagefen or al hamichya, eating at Kiddush in Shul before your meal at home, making a beracha achrona after Kiddush or eating mezonos at home before your meal, beracha achrona after a shmorgasbord before the meal.


Hilchos Brochos part 7: review and additional halachos from end of last shiur (if one eats mezonos before his home Shabbos meal does he make a beracha achrona, is a berocha achronal needed if you are cleaning and setting up between a Kiddush and meal in Shul, between a wedding shmorgosbard and meal), making a borei nefoshos after drinks before a meal, how much wine should one drink at a Kiddush, making a beracha achrona after Havdalah if one plans on eating the melava malka right away, making Havdalah on drinks other than wine, what is the halacha if he decided to wash in middle of a meal. New Topic - when do you say safek berochos l’hakel.


Hilchos Brochos part 8: If one ate a kezayis of mezonos and less than a revii’s of wine by kiddush– what type of beracha achrona does he make, safek berochos l’hakel – should a person be careful to avoid such a safek, what is the shiur of k’die s’via to be chayav birchos hamozon m’doiraissa, if one forgot to make a beracha and already had food in his mouth – what should he do with the food?.


Hilchos Brochos part 9: making a beracha in a different language, what qualifies as and examples of berachos l’vatalah and aino tzricha, when are you allowed to be gorem a beracha sh’aino tzricha, is it possible to be m’sakain a beracha sh’aino tzricha


Hilchos Brochos part 10: when is a beracha l’vatalah allowed, answering amen to a beracha of a young child, saying the Rosh Hashana yehi ratzon’s on the simanim with the full name of Hashem, saying Hashem’s name in zemiros, saying “Thank G-d” or something similar in another language, saying Hashem’s name when learning, listening to or erasing a tape/cd or video where someone makes a beracha, hearing a live beracha on a telephone or microphone.


Hilchos Brochos part 11:  giving food to a person who will not say a beracha, giving non-kosher to a non-frum person in the hospital, renting a kosher catering hall to a non-frum party, the halachos of ikar and toful, making a berachah on a food item that  is used as an enhancer for another food item


Hilchos Brochos part 12: Ikar and Tafel part 1; three yesodos of ikar and tafel, eating salty fish with bread, salty nuts, hot chilli, schnapps, enhancers like shmear on crackers/ blintzes/latkes with apple sauce, ta’ruvos like meat and potatoes, ta’ruvos of small pieces that are nikar, cholent


Hilchos Brochos part 13: Ikar and Tafel part 2; fruit pies, ice cream- sandwiches/cookie dough/cones, fruit cocktail, chocolate covered raisins or nuts, mixed nuts, fruit yogurts, drinking liquids only to help one swallow.


Hilchos Brochos part 14: Ikar and Tafel part 3; Fruit juices, olive oil, orange juice, coconut milk, sucking out a juice directly from the fruit (and how to eat it on Shabbos), soups – vegetable and noodle soups


Hilchos Brochos part 15: Ikar and Tafel part 4; Soups – vegetables/lokshen/chicken, cereals, fruit soup, onion soup, soup with rice. How to define if produce is ha’adma or ha’etz, what beracha does one make on bananas or berries, how to determine the derech of eating produce, traveling to country were produce is eaten differently that has a different beracha.


Hilchos Brochos part 16: jams and jellies, corn flakes, popcorn, peanut butter, mashed potatoes, potato and corn chips, applesauce, pits and rinds, under or over cooked food


Hilchos Brochos part 17:  how much time does one have to still make a beracha achrona and beracha rishona


Hilchos Brochos part 18: if someone vomited – does he need to recite a berochona achrona/redo a borchas hamitzvos (like matza)/eat again for Kiddush b’makom seudah, what foods and drinks do not need a beracha rishona, does one make a beracha on medication.


Hilchos Brochos part 19: made a berocha achrona by mistake but want to continue eating or if there is still food left in his mouth, making a berocha on just tasting something, making a berocha on listerine strips, cases of not making a shehakol on water


Hilchos Brochos part 20: making berochos on food that is either stolen/non-kosher/weak hechsher/cholov stam/dairy before 6 hours after meat/shalosh seudos after shkiya/chometz sh’avar al hapesach/meat during the 9 days/milchig bread/treif food for a choleh sh’yesh bo sakana/food on Yom Kippur/bishul akum for a choleh sh’ain bo sakana.


Hilchos Brochos part 21: Tefilas Haderech part 1; chiyuv or eitza tova, someone that travels every day, is there a chiyuv today since travel is safer, saying tefilas haderech on Shabbos when allowed to drive, what is the shiur for tefilas haderech, when does the chiyuv start, do women also say tefilas haderech


Hilchos Brochos part 22: Tefilas Haderech part 2;can one person be motzei others, traveling on an airplane, oinen, somech bracha l’chaverta, why is there no mention of malchus in the beracha.


Hilchos Brochos part 23: Tefilas Haderech part 3; continuation of being motzei others, camp trips, hearing through a microphone, standing or stopping to say tefilas haderech, when does the chiyuv start and end, traveling inner-State, saying the pesukim when traveling on Tisha B’av, taking tallis and tefillin on a trip.


Hilchos Brochos part 24: Tefilas Haderech part 4; difference between distance shiur for tefilas hadrech and netilas yadayim, heter for putting oneself in danger when traveling, halachos of airplane travel; is there lo sechanen in giving your snack to the person next to you, kashrus of hot airline food and coffee, saying a beracha sitting next to non-tzinius people. Washing netilas yadayim when traveling; no water around in daled milin, using a plastic and paper cup, using the faucet as a kli, drying hands after washing in bathroom, drying hands on clothing if no towel available.


Hilchos Brochos part 25: Tefilas Haderech part 5; washing and drying hands in a restroom, forgetting one’s learning if one dried his hands in his clothing, sitting on an airplane between two men and/or two women, are today’s restrooms a real beis hakisei, is it mutar to daven with the make-shift minyan on plane


Hilchos Brochos part 26: Tefilas Haderech part 6; halachos what to do when your delayed airplane arrives right before or on Shabbos, if one is stuck in traffic too close to Shabbos.


Hilchos Brochos part 27: Tefilas Haderech part 7; getting stuck in a dangerous place close to Shabbos, are you allowed to come to a bungalow colony/camp if the whole colony/camp already accepted Shabbos, davening mincha after plag but kabalas Shabbos before shkiya, is there a chiyuv to eat a chazayis of pas after tzeis when making early Shabbos.


Kashrus on Harmful Foods - eating things that are kasha l’shikcha (olives, animal hearts), Eating foods that may have Ruach Raah (foods kept under a bed), Eating fish and meat together/having a separate fish pot, nishtana hateva b’zman hazeh.

Hilchos Berochos – shinui makom (Part 1): going to another room in the same building, stepping outside the house for a moment, bungalow colony, getting in and out of a car and other cases of holchei derachim. 2016-11-27

Hilchos Berochos – shinui makom (Part 2): difference between pas/mezonos and other foods regarding shinui makom, is a drink toful to mezonos by shinui makom, taking a walk between kiddush and the seudah, circumstance when someone from seudah remained behind, amounts for a kovea seudah and hefsek, davening mincha in middle of seudah.


Hilchos Brochos: pas and pas ha’ba b’kisinin- part 1: washing for a small amount of bread, what qualifies as pas, matzah crackers, bagels and bagel chips, melba toast.

Hilchos Brochos: pas and pas ha’ba b’kisinin- part 2: mezonos bread, pizza and hamatashan, knishes, and croutons. 2017-06-25

Hilchos Brochos: pas and pas ha’ba b’kisinin- part 3: bread that is cooked in water or oil, french toast, challah kugel and lokshon kugel, pancakes, and blintzes.


Title:  Hilchos Brochos: pas and pas ha’ba b’kisinin- part 4:  breaded fish/chicken/drummets, kneidlach, kreplach, doughnuts, chinese noodles, granola bars, rice products (cakes, cereals, etc.), beracha achrona on rice.


Hilchos Brochos: pas and pas ha’ba b’kisinin - part 5:  is pas ha’ba b’kisinin considered bread, how much cake does one need to eat that would require washing and benching, if one made a mezonos on cake and in middle of eating it changed his mind to wash – what are the proper berochos to be made, if one had in mind to eat enough cake to bench and then changed his mind to only eat a snacks worth - what are the proper berochos


Hilchos Brochos: pas and pas ha’ba b’kisinin - part 6:  how much can one eat at a Kiddush w/o needing to wash and bentch, what beracha does one make on egg matzah/cheese cake/cholent/ice cream sandwich/crackers with tuna or liver/doughnuts dipped into coffee, guidelines for making a mezonos at the end of a meal


Overview of the Halachos of pas and pas ha’ba b’kisinin: chazarah of last six shiurim.


Shehecheyanu part 1: what qualifies, grafted fruits, available all season (Available from


Shehecheyanu part 2: seasonal fruits, buying a house, buying on credit, buying a house as an investment, summer homes. (Available from


Shehecheyanu part 3: clothing, shaitels, furniture, major appliances, leased car, new glasses, used clothes, engagement ring. Shavous -Divrei Chizuk on Limud HaTorah. (Available from


Shehecheyanu part 4: Shehecheyanu on shoes, hats, more than one baby, unhealthy baby, etc. (Available from


Shehecheyanu part 5: Shehecheyanu on grandchildren & seeing an old friend (Available from


Shehecheyanu part 6: first time doing a mitzvah, kalla, mikva, candles, maakeh, writing a sefer torah, candle lighting (Available from


Halachos of Hagomel part 1: several stops, oceans vs. lakes, ships and cruises, duration of trip, airplane, deserts (Available from


Halachos of Hagomel part 2: when does one bentch hagomel after an illness or surgery, traveling through dangerous areas, near misses, kidnapped, wild animals, etc. (Available from


Halachos of Hagomel part 3: what are the parameters for women to bench hagomel, getting out of jail – white collar vs. blue collar. (Available from


Halachos of Hagomel part 4: mitzvah of a women who was a choleh shayash bo sakana, after birth, children saying hagomel, are 10 men needed, does it need to be at krias hatorah, is there an expiration date on saying hagomel. (Available from


Hilchos Sukkah: How a situation and location that one is unable to sleep in the Sukkah affects the mitzvah of Sukkah, Halachik status of a Canvas Sukkah


Questions from the weekly conference call with Midwest Rabbonim (Part 1): Sheluach Hakaan - the process of making mafkir the egg and how do you send the bird away, May a woman say kaddish in shul for her parents, Is it permissible to down a fruit tree after part of the tree has fallen, Can one make kiddush for elderly people and then drive home before Shabbos begins, Can a mourner receive a gift,  Is there an acceptable way to use a treif grill less than 24 hours after its last use, Is physical therapy an acceptable profession for a woman just back from seminary in Israel, Should one bench gomel after getting out of jail, Can a Jew withhold the last month of rent on termination of a lease in order to get back the security deposit, Does one who daven alone need to go to a minyan to hear the reading of the Torah?, One receives a book and return envelope from a tzedakah organization -does one need to make a contribution in order to keep the book? Can you keep the return envelope stamp?, Is one obligated to give maaser on receipt of gifts, gift certificates, salary perks?

Questions from the weekly conference call with Midwest Rabbonim (Part 2) 2016-07-24

Interesting Questions in Shidduchim Part I

Interesting Questions in Shidduchim Part II 2016-11-13

Interesting Shailos in Shiduchim part 1: giving all one’s money to help a brother’s shiduch, heavy boy that lost a lot of weight, clever boy tricking potential father-in-law, can a young child collect shadchanus, case of mistaken identity, lying about wealth. (Available from


Interesting Shailos in Shiduchim part 2: incentive for shadchonim, lying about one’s age, a convert whose grandfather was a nazi, defying parent’s wishes. (Available from


Interesting Shailos in Shiduchim part 3: revealing to other side about a suicide attempt, one side once needed to eat trief to cure an illness and if there is timtum ha’lev in such case. (Available from


Interesting Shailos in Shiduchim part 4: Timtum Halev cont. – does a ger have timtum halev, feeing non-kosher to patient with brain damage, blood transfusions or organ transplants from a non-jew, non-kosher from a feeding tube. If someone has a serious illness do they need to reveal it to the potential shidduch. (Available from


Interesting Shailos in Shiduchim part 5: doing a shidduch with someone whose parents/grandparents did not keep taharos hamishpacha, being a shadchan or a mesader kiddushin for a couple not willing to keep taharos hamishpacha. (Available from


Interesting Shailos in Shiduchim part 6: Interesting Shailos in Shiduchim part 6: being a shadchan for goyim, can a younger sibling get married before an older sibling, what serious issues must be revealed to the other side before dating. (Available from


The Untruthful Shadchan: paying a shadchan rasha, choson pretended to be the shadchan, cases of trickery (Available from


Interesting Shiduchim Questions (Available from


Issur of Hachana part 1: understanding the klalim of hachana, cleaning dishes, preparing for shalosh seudos, carrying a tallis for the next day.

Issur of Hachana part 2: putting things in a freezer for the next day, carrying something for the next day, changing clothes on Shabbos Chazon for weekday, saying “mashiv haruach” several times on Yom Tov so that it will be “rogul”, hachana b’dibur- practicing chazzanos for another day, sleeping on Shabbos for Motzei Shabbos, moving sefer torah to place for next day, lighting candles, carrying a megila. 2016-06-05
Issur of Hachana part 3: starting to prepare 60 mins. vs. 72 mins, taking out food from the freezer on day one for day 2, putting soda in the refrigerator for the next day, watching cholov yisroel milking for use of another day and other cases of hefsed, studying for a test on Shabbos and Yom Tov 2016-06-19

Issur of Hachana part 4: is there hachana if a goy is doing the work for a yisroel, a goy washing dishes for next night, a goy carrying for next day, hotel workers preparing for Jewish guests, adatah d’nasfshei, is studying for a test considered hachana.


Chodosh and Yoshon: understanding the chiyuv today out of Eretz Yisroel.


Mechiras Chometz Today: exploring the reasons why it is completely valid sale despite the unconventional methods and circumstances of the sale


Teaching Torah to an Akum (part 2) and other Hilchos Akum:  Inyonei Akum Shel Osek BaTorah; Can one invite an Akum to participate in a Pesach seder?, Can an Akum be a sandek?, Can an Akum read the gemorrah for me?, Are you allowed to teach Torah to an Akum?, Was a gift to a policeman prohibited or allowed?, Can a Jew put a note in the Kosel for an Akum?, Can you collect nedavahs or tzedakah from an Akum or name a building for an Akum?, Can you have an Akum honoree?, Is one allowed to sell a mezuzah to an Akum and if yes, can it be exchanged with a posul one?


Teaching Torah to an Akum- part I: non-Jewish aids for the elderly attending birchos kohanim, attending a shiur and answering their questions, non-Jewish Chef learning Hilchos Kashrus, case of making a deal with a Galach to teaching Torah to a Yid, case of person whose mother is not Jewish that was teaching Torah, teaching Govt. official laws of shechita.


Halachos of Kiddush part 1: Being mekabel Shabbos by dibbur - is there an inyan to say “a gutten erev Shabbos”, does one make an al hamichya after Kiddush in shul if you start your seuda at home right away, delaying sholom aleichem and eishes chayil so that the hungry orchim can eat right away, making Kiddush with a plastic or paper cup


Halachos of Kiddush part 2: Can one person say kiddush for all in the room, Can one fulfill the mitzvah by hearing kiddush from someone who is not shomer mitzvos, Should one say borei pri hagofen after hearing kiddush, Must one drink one directly from the kos bracha, Does one stand or sit for kiddush in the evening? In the morning?On yom tov?, What does one say when making kiddush in the morning .

Halachos of Kiddush part 3: Which meal on Shabbos is most choshuv and the halachik differences, the problem with eating too much at a Shul kiddush, can you make Kiddush for someone if you were not mekabel Shabbos yet. 2015-12-20
Kiddush B'Makom Seudah part 1: does one have to eat the seuda right away, is there a chiyuv to repeat kidush again in your meal at home, making kidush on cake Friday or Yom Tov night, making kidush on cooked mezonos (pasta). 2015-11-1

Kiddush B'Makom Seudah part 2: being yotzie with wine or peiros, does one have to make kidush again if he regurgitated the original kidush, beracha achrona on Shabbos, birchas ha’nehena, drinking from the mekadesh’s wine, kidush by a bris -mitzvos chavilos chavilos.


Kiddush B'Makom Seudah part 3: what berocha achrona does one make if he had less than a revi’is of kidush but a kezayis of mezonos, making Kiddush on chamar medina i.e. soda/schnapps/etc, making kidush using schnapps cups, covering the all of the challa and cake on the table during Kiddush or only by the mekadish, covering challas at seudos shelishis.

Kiddush Before Davening and other Hilchos Seuda: If a woman wants to eat Shabbos/Yom Tov morning and has not davened yet does she need to make Kiddush, what about feeding children before Kiddush, coffee/tea before davening, stuck w/o grape juice or chamar medina for Kiddush, Hatzalah call in middle of a seuda – does he need to make another brocha when we resumes the meal, Dr. on shift that cannot make Kiddush, what one should do for lechem mishna if he is a Celiac or Gluten free or if he is on a liquid diet 2016-1-31

Mitzvah Yishuv Eretz Yisroel: mitzvah to live in Eretz Yisroel nowadays, is there an inyan to buy property in Eretz Yisroel,why is there no chiyuv berocha when moving to Eretz Yisroel.


Visiting Eretz Yisroel;  is there a mitzvah just to visit and/or at least to for the Shalosh Regalim nowadays (when we don't have the rebuilt Beis HaMikdash), does one keep Yom Tov Sheni when visiting all three Regolim, should one kiss ground when arriving in Eretz Yisroel?


Visiting Eretz Yisroel for Yom Tov: making a 2nd day minyan in Eretz Yisroel, ben chutza l’aretz sitting in a sukkah on Shemini Atzeres, tefillin on chol hamoed, participating in simchas beis hashoeiva and hakofos, when to say yizkhor, Halachos of Ben Eretz Yisroel in Chutza L’aretz in for Yom Tov, flying from Eretz Yisroel after Yom Tov but landing in Chutza L’aretz on Yom Tov.(Available from


Ben Chutza L’aretz in Eretz Yisroel for Yom Tov: is it a mitzva or just a minhag tov, is there shemira on his nechasim b’zman hazeh, how a ben chutza should be noheg on yom tov sheni, if a ben chutza l‘aretz goes to Eretz Yisroel all three regalim consistently.(Available from


The Halachos of Shemitas Kesofim and Pruzbol

The Halacha of the Nine Days, The Week Before, Tisah B'Av, and Motzai Tisha B'Av 2015-7-19

The Use of DNA in Testimony.


M’devar Sheker Tirchak #1: telling a store owner that the buyer is dishonest, hiking up a price for bargaining purposes, lying on how much original price was in order to sell at a better price.

M’devar Sheker Tirchak #2 – is there an issur if no harm was done to someone, a gabai using deception to sell aliyos, lying to avoid someone else getting in trouble 2015-06-14
M’devar Sheker Tirchak #3 – changing the truth for darchie sholom or for tznius reasons, is there a difference between changing the truth for past stories or even for present or future, is it only allowed for occasional times or even on a more permanent basis 2015-06-21
M’devar Sheker Tirchak #4 – gorem emes b’lvovo/keeping to what you made up in your mind to pay, your truthful statement that causes someone else to lie, are you allowed to lie to save money. 2015-06-28
Halachos of “Lo Sihiyeh Lo KiNosheh" Part 1: understanding the issur of pressuring someone to pay back a loan if you know he doesn't have the money. 2015-01-11

Halachos of “Lo Sihiyeh Lo KiNosheh" Part 2: is adding money on a loan for piyus considered ribbis.


Halachos of “Lo Sihiyeh Lo KiNosheh" Part 3: heter arkaos vs. beis din, lending money without witnesses, does it help when using a check or I.O.U.

Halachos of “Lo Sihiyeh Lo KiNosheh" Part 4: does one need a kinyan when being moichel a chov –b’peh/b’shatr/b’lev, can a doctor/lawyer/etc. bill someone for advice given while meeting him off-hours, does it really work to say that you are mochel the money if either party forgets, does mechila done in anger help. 2015-02-08

Halachos of "Lo Sihiyeh Lo KiNosheh" Part 5: how to split the money when paying back creditors, borrowing without intention of paying back, not paying back on time, accepting a present to pay off a loan.


Tevilas Keilim Part 1: requirement if owned or held by a non-Jew, obligation to put in mikvah, tevila of glass, corelle and corningware/pyrex, kli matchis (metals), aluminum, disposable pans, plastic, who determines the obligation -owner or worker.



Tevilas Keilim Part 2: purchase of the non-Jewish partner's portion including publicly owned companies/government owned entities/and the Israeli government, travelling with no mikvah in the area, can one use the utensil once before tovelling, is there an obligation to tovel immediately after purchase or can one wait until use, can one eat food from a utensil that was not tovelled, does a repaired utensil need tevila when repaired by a non-Jew, if the repair is done with wood or silver plating, do utensils need to be tovelled after being sold with chometz before Pesach, obligation of caterers or restaurant owners to tovel utensils.

2014-06-29 Download

Tevilas Keilim Part 3: toiveling new or reused cans, toiveling someone else’s keli, doing tevila at a store, proper way to toivel a keli, toiveling the plastic handle, amount of times to toivel.

2014-07-13 Download

Tevilas Keilim Part 4: general halachos of toiveling electric keilim, toaster and toaster oven, sandwich maker, oven racks.

2014-07-20 Download

Tevilas Keilim Part 5: Kli Seudah and Tevilah- Dimensions, Racks, Grates, Shelves for Ovens, Stoves and Refrigerators, When Someone Converts, Kli Not Used for Intended Purpose, Tevilah by Koton, Tevilah by a Non-Jew, Kli Requiring Assembly.  

2014-11-02 Download

Tevilas Keilim Part 6: Mikvah requirements for tevilas keilim, toiveling in snow, types of beracha, what constitutes a keli (nut cracker, can opener, cork screw, immersion heater), toiveling parts of the keli that is plastic, if no mikva is available, keilim exclusively used by non-Jewish worker, non-toileved kelim that got mixed into rest of kelim, what comes first- kashering or toiveling.

2014-11-09 Download
The 3 Weeks Part 1   2001-07-04


Halachos of the Nine Days: Shaving and Haircuts, Buying a Car, Home Decorating/Remodeling, Shechianu items, New Fruits, Listening to Music, Going to unsafe places, Children Practicing Music, Music Teacher, Freshly Laundered Clothing for Adults/Children, New Clothing on Shabbos Chazon, Trimming Nails, Washing Floors/Shampooing Carpets, Special Sales, Buying Shoes/Sneakers, Women's Issues, Washing Clothing, Dry Cleaning, Spot Washing, Pressing Clothes, Changing Linen, Shining Shoes, Mending Clothing/Sewing, Needlepoint, Drinking Wine/Grape Juice, Eating Meat, Use of Fleishig Keilim, Giving Children Meat, Siyumim, Showers, Swimming, Pleasure Trips, Giving Presents, Makom Sakonah (Places of Danger), Court Appearances, Operations/Minor Surgery, Dentist, Mowing Lawns, Moving, Flying, Singing on Shabbos, Buying Seforim, Buying a Tallis Gadol/Koton, Styling or Washing a Sheitel, Restaurants, Butcher Stores, Making a Bracha L'Vatola Eating Meat, Children and Baths.

2014-07-27 Download
Hilchos Tisha B’Av 5753 and Halachos of Visiting the Kosel Part 1  2013-07-14

Halachos of Visiting the Kosel Part 2: living in Israel and not having visited the Kosel in the past 30 days, visiting Har HaBayis, is the Kosel part of the Har HaBayis or Azorah, touching the Kosel.  


Hilchos Tisha B'av and Visiting the Kosel: seudas ha'mafsekes and activities up to shkiyah, Tisha B'av day innuim, motzei Tisha B'av issurim, zeichor l'churban, visiting the kosel.

2014-08-03 Download

Visiting the Kosel and Yerushalyim: does a resident of Yerushalyim tear kria if they have not been there in 30 days, defining the city limits of Yerushalyim, transferring ownership on a garment to avoid kria, visiting the Har Habayis, is the kosel part of the Azarah or Har Habayis, can one put their fingers in the kosel, during the weeks before and after Tisha B’av what happens if someone read the wrong haftorah. (Available from


Kria at the Kosel and Minhagim for Tisha B’av after Chatzos: does one do kria on Harei Yehuda, can one have meat and wine on the day that he visits the kosel for the first time, visiting the Old City, Makom Hamikdash, can one use the same garment for kria, Friday after chatzos, if went on Shabbos or he forgot to do kria does he need to make it up the next time, children under bar/bas mitzvah, the seder of kria. Minhagim of Tisha B’av after Chatzos; making beds, saying Nachum, sitting on the ground, saying Tiskabel, wearing Tefillin.(Available from


Sefiras Haomer - Sefaika D'Yoma, are Women also M'chuyav?  How far does one have to go to push himself to make a Bris on Yom Shemini? 


Halachos of Sefiras Ha’omer and Lag Bo’Omer Part 1: calculating the 33 days, cutting hair and related halachos, what can be done on Lag B’Omer part 1


Halachos of Sefiras Ha’omer and Lag Bo’Omer Part 2: partaking in a wedding on the night after Lag Bo’Omer, newly married woman changing her minhag, haircuts on Friday Rosh Chodesh or Friday before Lag Bo’Omer and/or Shloshes Yimei Hagbala, identifying those that are allowed to take a haircut in sefira (bar mitzvah/siyum/finishing aveilus/business/sholom bayis)


Lag B’omer and misc. cases in Halacha: halachos pertaining to getting married on Lag B’omer, when is one allowed to start taking a haircut, when Lag B’omer and shloshes y’mie Hagbalah fall out on Sunday, making a wedding after Lag B’omer if you keep the first half, cases about gerama on nezek and gezailah, how to give hakaros hatov


Interesting Halachos of Lag B'Omer and Sefirahdoes the halachos of lag b’omer start at night or only by day, weddings, brissim, haircuts and shaving if there is no full 49 days, making a shecheyanu.


Halachos of Sefira and Birchos Megilla: missed a day of counting, when is the proper time to count, making a beracha on megillos when reading from a klaf, counting sefira before or after aleinu.


Interesting Halchos of Sefiras Ha’omer: is it better to daven right after maariv or wait for tzeis, are women chayav in sefiras ha’omer, eitzos for someone forgot who to count. (Available from


Bar Mitzvah: waiting for or “redoing” certain mitzvos; kiddush, birchos hatorah, kiddush levana, Chanukah neiros, pidyon haben, shechiyanu on Yom Tov, Yom Tov sheni, tikiyas shofar, sefiras ha’omer.
Shavous; making a beracha on megillas Rus and other megillos, finding a mistake in a megillah.(Available from


Hilchos Shabbos – Opening Cans, Bags and Bottles on Shabbos Part 1

Hilchos Shabbos – Opening Cans, Bags and Bottles on Shabbos Part 2 2014-02-23

Hilchos Shabbos – Hilchos Shabbos – Opening Cans, Bags and Bottles on Shabbos Part 3 (including summary of the three shiurim). Teaching Torah to an Akum (second half of shiur).

Hilchos Shabbos - Chidushim in Hilchos Bishul Part 1: fixing a mistake when doing chazara, using a hotplate or radiator, using aluminum foil as a blech, transferring food into another pot, tzli achar bishul, warming up cold food.    2013-04-21

Hilchos Shabbos - Chidushim in Hilchos Bishul Part 2: eating ice cream and making ice cubes on Shabbos (nolad), taking food from pot while on the fire, having a second cup of tea or reusing a ladle, putting ketchup or margarine on a hot potato, putting raw vegetables on same plate as hot cholent.


Hilchos Shabbos - Chidushim in Hilchos Bishul Part 3: Tzli achar bishul, using something hot that will warp the paper plate, putting spices or a lemon into a kli sheni, using a La Briute meal (cooking via chemical reaction) on Shabbos, using crockpots.   


Hilchos Shabbos - Chidushim in Hilchos Bishul Part 4: clarifying from previous shiur regarding La Bruit meals, different Halachik ways to warm up food, using a dishwasher on a time clock.    


Hilchos Shabbos - Chidushim in Hilchos Bishul Part 5: chazara for cholim, what to do if there is a blackout or if the fire under the food goes out, Chazon Ish’s shitta on today’s blech. 

Hilchos Shabbos - Chidushim in Hilchos Bishul Part 6: covering heaters, cases of hatmana – baby bottle/kishka in cholent/yogurts and cottage cheese, moving a pot on a blech.  2013-06-02
Hilchos Shabbos - Bishul on Shabbos Part 1        2003-11-30
Hilchos Shabbos - Bishul on Shabbos Part 2        2003-12-07 Download
Hilchos Shabbos - Bishul on Shabbos Part 3        2003-12-14 Download
Hilchos Shabbos - Bishul on Shabbos Part 4        2003-12-28 Download

Hilchos Shabbos – Hadlakas Neiros Part 1: kavod vs. oneg, neiros and electric lights, married daughter making a bracha in her mother’s home.

Hilchos Shabbos – Hadlakas Neiros Part 2: sleeping at home but eating somewhere else, lighting at hotels and/or conventions, who lights if wife out of town, lighting the first week after birth, does the kabolos Shabbos take effect by the bracha or when lighting the candles, if a woman missed mincha on erev Shabbos should she say two maariv’s, would a tenai work for davening mincha after lighting neiros. 2013-12-22
Hilchos Shabbos – Hadlakas Neiros Part 3: adding on a candle if missed lighting completely/lit wrong amount/ baalas teshuva/ lit too early, subtracting a candle when a family member passes away, is a man mekabel Shabbos when he lights neiros, is there a k’nas for a man that forgot to light candles, husband preparing neiros for wife, minhag Yerushalyim of lighting 40 minutes before shkiya (part A). 2014-01-05

Hilchos Shabbos – Hadlakas Neiros Part 4: minhag Yerushalyim of lighting 40 minutes before shkiya (part B), lighting late vs. lighting on time but with a t’nai, best spot in the room to light, moving the  leichter tray, length of time that candles need to burn, using tea lights.


Hilchos Shabbos – Hadlakas Neiros Part 5: what to do with left over neiros after Shabbos, neiros and muktza, lighting on Yom Tov Sheni in Eretz Yisroel, when to light Yom Tov candles, order of berochos on Yom Tov, Birchas Shechiyonu, adding a candle if forgot to light Yom Tov candles, lighting the knas candle when a guest somewhere else.


Hilchos Kiddush Being Yotzei Kiddush on Shabbos Morning without Drinking From the Mevoraich; Combining HaGofen by a Bris with Kiddush


Hilchos Shabbos – Questions of "Bassis" - 1


Hilchos Shabbos – Questions of "Bassis" - 2


Muktzah on Shabbos with Tashmeshi Kedusha; Kosherlamp; Carrying on Shabbos


Hilchos Shabbos – Shvisas Keilim: Sending and receiving a fax on Shabbos, Owning a laundromat or vending machines, Lottery ticket, Stocks, Websites like amazon and ebay. 2016-2-7

Kavod Habriyos on Shabbos (toilet paper, dirty clothes, etc.), using soap on Shabbos, smearing non-kosher medications, and what day is real day of Shavous (Available from


Hilchos Borer Part 1: Unthought of but common cases as heard directly from the Gedolai Haposkim - including unpublished p’sokim from Reb Moshe ZT”L (Available from


Hilchos Borer Part 2: Washing fruits/dishes, salt shakers, ice cubes, cooling or defrosting foods (Available from


Daf Yomi Shabbos, Halacha L'maseh: Bishul, hatmana, Showers on Yom Tov (Available from


Daf Yomi Shabbos, Halacha L'maaseh: Hilchos Muktza (Available from


Daf Yomi Shabbos, Halacha L'maaseh: Hilchot Hatmana - crock pots, kishka, aluminum foil (Available from


Daf Yomi Shabbos, Halacha L'maaseh: AC on Shabbat, Giving Mussar, Daven for a Parent (Available from


Daf Yomi Shabbos, Halacha L'maseh: Hotzaah on Shabbos: guns, medicine, walkie talkie/cell phones, wearing  a facemask/sunglasses/gartel, etc. and Proper name when davening for a Choleh. (Available from


Hilchos Dosh and S’chita: squeezing and cutting fruits, using baby wipes, etc. (Available from


Ohel on Shabbos and continuation of Hilchos Milah: zerizin makdimin vs. b’rov am, who has kedima in naming a child. Opening a carriage or umbrella on Shabbos, putting up a mechitzah in Shul, widening a table, children building a play house, etc. (Available from


Eruv Tavshilin Part 1 - What is it matir? Who does it cover? What food does one use?


Eruv Tavshilin Part 2- Various Shailos in Hilchos Eruv Tavshilin


Hilchos Aninus Part 1: doing mitzvos even when not being misasek with the mes, exact time when aninus starts, erev Shabbos and Motzei Shabbos during aninus.    


Hilchos Aninus Part 2: onen sitting on a chair, saying benching and asher yatzar after the kevura, birchas ha’nehenin, saying tehillim, finding out about the petira in middle of davening, tashlumin for tefila and atta chanantonu.   


Hilchos Aninus Part 3: tefillin on first day of aveilus, onen cutting nails and taking a shower or haircut, learning Torah, doing business, shmua rechoka and avoiding telling an elderly/sick person. 

Dosh and 6 Questions   2004-02-22


The 3 Weeks Part 2 2004-07-11


Borer-DNA   2004


Laws of Travel Part 1  2004


Laws of Travel Part 2  2004


Laws of Travel Part 3  2004


DNA in Halacha: using DNA evidence to help solve difficult Halachik cases: agunos, mamzerus, paternity, yerusha, etc.

2014-06-15 Download
Lifnei Iver   2004


Sefira-Hard Work; Sheitels 2004


Tatoos  2004


Bal Talin   2004-12-05


Paying Tuition with Maaser



Shailos Regarding Tuition



Changing Minhagim



Makom Kavuah



Hilchos Berochos



Hilchos Chadash



Hilchos Yom Tov



Muktzah: Freezer Door, Meat, Close Car Trunk Door, Oven Door, Mail and Soap


Hilchos Shabbos Shevisas Keilim & Kli Shemilachto L'issur


The Status of Garbage and Garbage Cans on Shabbos and Yom Tov; Twist‑ties; and Yom HaMeyuchas



Is it Ever Permissible to Have Someone Drive to Your House on Shabbos - Part 1 & 2




Gram Kibbuy on Shabbos and Yom Tov: Sabbath Mode Stoves and Time Clocks



Halachos of Business Part 1: doing business on Shabbos and Yom for a dvar mitzvah, owning vending machines that will be used on Shabbos, buying a lottery ticket that will be chosen on Shabbos, buying stocks on Shabbos, having someone in a different time zone to do business for you on Shabbos, making money on a website on Shabbos. 2012-04-29

Halachos of Business Part 2: making a partnership in your business with a goy for Shabbos and Yom Tov, how to make a proper shtar Shabbos, being a shutaf with a mechalel Shabbos


Halachos and specific cases of Amira L’akum on Shabbos Part 1 

Halachos and specific cases of Amira L’akum on Shabbos Part 2  2012-05-13
Halachos and specific cases of Amira L’akum on Shabbos Part 3  2012-06-03

Halochos of Yom Tov (Shavuos 5773):  Ben E”Y in chutza l’aretz, taking medicine, cooking, hachana, ovens, taking a shower, inviting a goy for a meal, borer, time clocks, candle lighting, carrying, muktza, bosor v’yayin and required Yom Tov seudos, going to mikva. 


Hilchos Chol Hamoed #1: level of kedusha on chol hamoed and its practical examples, haircuts and shaving for men/women/children, laundry, etc. (Available from


Hilchos Chol Hamoed #2: washing adults and children’s clothing, cleaners, shoe polish, and getting a car wash. (Available from


Hilchos Chol Hamoed #3: writing/typing/recording/taking pictures, grooming (cutting nails, manicures, hair stylists), dentist appointment on Chol Hamoed (Available from


Halachos of Chol Ha’moed: parameters of going to work on Chol Ha’moed, can you keep your business open during Chol Ha’moed (Available from


Shopping on Chol Ha’moed: clothing and food stores, once shopping buying extra, in a city with better shopping than your hometown, if parent/in-law will be paying, if store won’t really lose customers, baking extra products for after yom tov, construction during chol ha’moed. (Available from


Working on Chol Ha’moed and Davar Ha’avud: babysitter, shadchanus, vacation days, self-employed, davar ha’avud - buying airline tickets, writing chidushei torah, tzedakah check, fixing a sefer torah, building a railing, taking down a sukkah. (Available from


Chodosh in Chutza L’aretz & Taking a Shower on Yom Tov: is there a heter to be maikel on chodosh, sending chodosh to Eretz Yisroel, zeman hashrasha, which grains are an issue, Taking a shower on Yom Tov.
(Available from


Shavous: Davening an Early Maariv for Leyl Shavuos



Shavous: does Shavous have to coincide with Yom Matan Torah, taking a shower on Yom Tov, Yom Tov Sheni for a chutznik that visits Israel every Yom Tov.

2014-06-01 Shavuos

Yom Tov Sheni of Shavous: The Halachos of Being Mekabel Shabbos Early


Hilchos Sukkos – Hilchos Succos: Arba Minim Part 1: Lulav; Brown Covering, Middle Leaf, Nechlak, Glue, Two Teyomos, Dried Up, Nakim Rosho, Hemnik, Bent Lulav, Knopel, Orla.

2014-09-07 Download

Hilchos Sukkos – Hilchos Succos: Arba Minim Part 2: Hadassim; nakim rosho, m’shulashim, shiur of hadassim, wilted or discolored. Arovos;  type and shiur needed, nakim rosho.

Hilchos Sukkos – Hilchos Succos: Arba Minim Part 3: Esrogim: clarification of hadas m’shulash from previous shiur), what makes an esrog hidur, chotem, shinui mareh, using a magnify glass, murkav, size of esrog. 2014-09-21

Halachos of Sukkah: when to say the berochos when eating in the sukkah, traveling to a country that has better climate for sitting in a sukka, schach mats. (Available from


Chol Hamoed Sukkos 5773 Open Q&A Session: Sukkah made from screen walls; Cleaners tag on Shabbos/Yom Tov;Opening a stroller on Shabbos; Pushing stroller bein hashmoshos; Babywipes on Shabbos; Sending a garment to cleaners erev Shabbos; Going on Chol Hamoed trip where there is no Sukka; Eating before benching luluv; Cut up fruit without a hechsher; Eating and sleeping in Sukka when its raining; Taking maaser off before or after taxes; Lift and cut shavers; Lego’s on Shabbos; 


Chol Hamoed Sukkos 5753 Open Q&A -for married men only: Makkas Nida; Shaking woman's hand; Using doctor of opposite gender; Going to mikva during day; Gedolim story books in bedroom; Staying in room with a lot of seforim; A man shaving the hair of the nose, ears and between the eyes; Is hair an erva when a woman is a nidda; Is there a set time for hachana for tevila; Shaving private area; Zman for moch dachuk; Delaying zman tevila; Wearing tzizis when playing sports; Woman going to mikva with no one in the room; Being machmir on certain nights to avoid tashmish; Tashmish b'yom; Calculating l'el tevila in Alaska; Boys and girls swimming together; Negia on a koruv. 


Misc. Halachos of Sukkah 5778: using a canvas Sukkah, how to deal with bees in the Sukkah, making a beracha of laishev b’sukkah on a piece of cake.


Mitzva of Building a Sukkah: is there a mitzva to put up the walls of a sukkah, can a non-Jew put up the sukkah and/or the schach, do we pasken like the avnei nezer that one must build his sukkah before Shabbos that falls between Yom Kippur and Sukkos.


Brocha of Leishev B’sukkahhefsek between kiddush and shehichyanu, and between mezonos and leshev, is there a mekor not to be mafsik between kiddush and first kezayis, traveling to places that either have no rain or if it rains a lot. (Available from


Traveling on Sukkos: finding a sukkah when traveling, building a sukkah on Chol Hamoed, qualifications to be considered holchei derachim. (Available from


Sitting in the Sukkah and Using a Shlack or Netting: how far does the mitzva of sitting in the sukkah extend, using a sheet under the schach to protect from sun or bugs, using a shlack, using netting to keep the bees out of the sukkah. (Available from

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Hilchos Chanukah



Unique Shailos in Hilchos Chanukah


Chanukah Lighting in a Hotel and Other Related Issues


Hilchos Chanukah 5771


Various Shailos in Hilchos Chanukah - 5773 


Interesting Shailos on Hilchos Chanukah 5771

Halachos of Chanukah (5774): persumei mitzvah in regards to the chiuv of hadlakas neiros, lighting Chanukah neiros on erev Shabbos. 2013-11-24

Halachos of Chanukah (5775): why eight days, lighting candles before shkiyah.


Hilchos Chanukah 5776: Where should a bochur in Yeshiva light and when he comes home for a visit, canceling a chavrusa or shiur to light neiros, misc. Halachos relating to Chanukah neiros

Hilchos Chanukah (5777) Part 1: why we don’t keep an extra day for sefaika d’yoma, who has the chiyuv to light candles, if the neiros go out is one supposed to relight them 2016-12-11
Hilchos Chanukah (5777) Part 2: making a beracha on hidur mitzvah, are woman obligated in lighting, is there an obligation to light outside in a safe neighborhood in chutza l’aretz, lighting in a Shul, does the one that lit in Shul repeat sh’hechiyanu at home, do you need a minyan to light in Shul 2016-12-18

Hilchos Chanukah (5778): can a family member be yotzei someone if he is in a different time zone, what about if he is already sleeping at that time, is one allowed to l’chatchila take a trip that he will not be able to light, lighting on Friday in Shul before there is a minyan, why is there no mention of Chanukah in Al Hamichya, davening early mincha on Friday of Chanukah.


Halachos of Chanukah (5779): when does pirsumei nissa apply, blowing out the neiros before it burned the halachik zman, lighting in a hospital, when to light if going to an in-town wedding that night, using an electric menora, where should a yeshiva bochur light, out of town guests at a wedding.


Hilchos Chanukah 5780: who is chayav and where should they light, lighting in a Shul or public places, zman to light, hidur mitzva, making someone a shliach, lighting in a hotel, lighting motzei Shabbos. (Available from


Halachos of Chanukah 5781:(Available from


Practical Halachos of Chanukah (Available from

Understanding the differences between Adar Rishon and Adar Sheni: understanding the need to add a month, which Adar is the ikar for shtaros, establishing the proper zman for Yartzheits and Bar Mitzvahs, chiyuv simcha, when does shana reshona end, when to start saying  “u’lichaporas pasha” in musaf 2016-2-28

Difference in Halacha between Adar Rishon and Adar Sheni: what is reasoning for having a second Adar, which Adar is the “ikar” for hespedim/yartzheit/bar mitzvah/being marbim b’simcha, how does be marbim b’simcha, when do you add u’lchapores pesha in musaf, parshas zochor in the first adar, when does shana rishona end when there are two adars.


Taanis Esther: source of taanis, is taanis esther a regular taanis or a “minhag b’alma” regarding washing your mouth/chinuch/shaving/showering/laundry/sheva berochos, will there be a chiyuv to fast on taanis esther once mashiach comes, understanding the beracha after the megillah in halacha.


Hilchos Purim 2015: Is there a difference between Taanis Esther and other Taanesim -washing out the mouth, giving kids to eat junk food, a chosson in middle of sheva beroshos, laundry, showering, wedding. Halochos of the berocha of harov es revainu. Case of someone that gave a live cow for mishloach manos.

Hilchos Purim 5776: Taanis Esther who is exempt from fasting,  maatanos l’avyonim – is a kinyan needed from family members, is giving mishloach manos to someone you owe money to a problem of ribbis, being moichel a chov, are you yoitze mishloach manos by sending candy to a diabetic, are you yoitze mishloach manos by sending non-food items, sending mishloach manos to the wrong person, is one yoitze mishloach manos to one’s adversary if the receiver does not feel pacified 2016-03-20

Differences between Adar Rishon and Adar Sheni: understanding the need for Adar Rishon, which Adar is the ikar, establishing the proper zman for Yartzheits and Bar Mitzvahs, chiyuv simcha.


Hilchos Purim: Proper pronunciation of zecher amalaik, repeating words in the Megilla, Halachos of Purim that falls out on Motzie Shabbos.


Hilchos Purim 2011: Differences between Adar Rishon and Adar Sheni; Can one be megair Amalek today; Interesting cases of Mishloach Manos; If one can only hear one Megilla - should he go by night or day?


Hilchos Purim: The Halachos if one damages or is damaged while drunk on Purim; Making a shliach for Matanos L’evyonim; Halachos of Purim on Motzei Shabbos.


Halachos of Purim 5780: Women and Parshas Zochor, Ta’anis Esther (Available from


Interesting Halachos of Purim (5780): how to give Matonos L’evyonim, giving Rabbeim money on Purim, aseres b’nei haman b’nishima achas, putting nekodos into a megillah. (Available from


Interesting Halachos of Purim (5780): how to give Matonos L’evyonim, giving Rabbeim money on Purim, aseres b’nei haman b’nishima achas, putting nekodos into a megillah. (Available from


Taanis Esther and Purim: beracha after megilla, non-kosher megilla, selected pesukim out loud from a chumash, eseres b’nei haman b’nishma achas, practical halachos of marbim b’simcha (Available from


Parshas Zochor and Zechiras Amalek: woman’s obligation, proper pronunciation of Zecher, missed a word, beracha on zechiras amalek (Available from


Pesach 2009 - Bedikas Chametz, Kashering Keilim and the Seder


Taking Medicine on Pesach: When is chometz no longer medicine, tablets and caplets, gel-caps, liquids.


Hilchos Pesach 5770: Selling of Chometz, Bedikas Chometz, Kashering, and the Seder


Hilchos Pesach 5773: Bedikas chometz, siyum bechorim, cleaning for Pesach, kashering keilim, Halachos of the seder.    

Hilchos Pesach 5775 – Mechiras Chometz: selling chometz for someone who forgot to sell that year, does it make a difference if he is shomer Shabbos or not, buying chometz from a non-frum store that sold their chometz before Pesach but continued to operate as normal over Pesach, ba’ali teshuva children selling their parent’s chometz, selling someone’s chometz that specifically says he does not want you to sell his chometz, a non-frum person bought new chometz on Pesach – is that included in his original sale, a Jewish owned store received a new shipment of chometz during Pesach. 2015-03-08
Hilchos Pesach 5776: Bedikas chometz, Erev Pesach, kashering keilim, Halachos of the Seder. (Given at Yeshivas Migdal Torah) 2016-04-03

Medicine and Cosmetics on Pesach


Five Common Pesach Questions (Pesach 5779): doing bedikas chometz with a beracha on one’s car, should a guest rent his room in order to do bedikas chometz, is it better to buy new keilim or to kasher keilim for Pesach, making a beracha achronal between the 2nd and 3rd kois at the seder.(Available from


Overview of Hilchos Pesach 5779 (Available from


In’yanie Pesach (5780): how to be yotzei achilas matza b’zman hazeh, using non-Jewish cleaning help and how it affects your kitchen (Available from


Medicines on Pesach (Available from


The Modern Day Mechiras Chometz: does it really work when the buyer cannot afford the real worth of what is being sold by the Rov and when both buyer & seller are anticipating that everything be returned right after Pesach (Available from


Hilchos Ribbis: late fee on a loan, late fee in business transactions, late fee for rentals and writing proper rental agreements, inheritance, adding to gifts.

Waiting between Meat and Milk‑‑Part I: Fish with Milk and Nishtana HaTeva



Waiting between Meat and Milk‑‑Part II: Hataras Nedarim and Mesiras Modaah



Waiting between Meat and Milk‑‑Part III: Between Cheese and Meat and Women and Learning Torah



Cutting Down a Fruit Tree



Parashas Zachor: Brocha on zicharas and michias amelek, a woman’s chiyuv of hearing parshas zochor, leap year. 2014-03-09
Parashas Zachor: Its General Obligation and Different Pronunciation



Taanis Esther and Birchas Harav es Riveynu



Chametz Sheavar Alayv es haPesach



Smoking in Halacha



Lo Seschonane



Shailos Regarding a Bar Mitzvah Bochur


HagEshem vs HagAshem and Kli Shemilachto L'issur


End of Life Shilos: Pulling the Plug, Artificial Nutrition, The Halachik Definition of Brain Death, and other topics


End of Life Issues: what qualifies as goses today, removing someone from a respirator, brain death in Halacha, refusing DNR, accepting or ending the use of pain medicine, ALS, etc. (Available from

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Shiduchim, Incredible But True Shailos


Obscure Cases of Giving Shadchanus Gelt


Employment Termination and Issues of Severance


Is One Allowed to Keep the Return Stamp from an Unsolicited Letter of Tzedaka, Invitation, Free Sefer, etc.?


A Father Keeping His Son's Bar Mitzvah Gifts; Paying Damages for Items Someone Damaged While Drunk 


Damaging Someone While Doing a Mitzvah, Interesting Cases of Matanos L'evyonim and Mishloach Manos  


Shailos in Choshen Mishpat as it relates to damages that occur in medical emergencies Part 1


Shailos in Choshen Mishpat as it relates to damages that occur in medical emergencies Part 2 If a Choleh Says He Doesn't Need Medical Attention But Someone Calls an Ambulance/Doctor - Who Has to Pay; If Someone Gets Injured by Another Person and the Nizik Has Insurance, Does the Person Who Caused the Injury Have to Pay


Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 1: the shadchan’s nadan reconsidered, liability of one who damages a solar heater that ends up putting out a fire, thief steals car containing bomb which explodes which saves owner's life, person breaks barrels of illegal liquor prior to visit by revenue agents saving store owner from tax violation, offering a negative opinion of chosson during shidduch, wrong kidney removed from donor, accident involving air traveler causes missed flight that crashes, swallowed poisonous mercury results in healing child's stomach problems, auto accident causes woman to regain speech, stealing car saves infant's life.  2013-06-30


Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 2: Building into someone's property, concern of Reb Yehudah Hachossid  and a case of renting a home where the owner recently covered windows and doors; charging someone to look through your security videos to catch a their.   2014-11-16

Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 3: Case of abandoning a vehicle in a dangerous situation and someone comes along and recovers it  - who owns the car, a tzavah (will) – who inherits according to halacha, recovering objects that were lost, motzei mamon situations, down payment to the wrong photographer with the same name.  


Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 4: Who owns the money of an appreciated item when used by an adam chashuv, case of newly married couple moving into a building where it will cause an older single girl tzaar, parking in Shul’s handicap spot, modern case of paying kaifel, case of Rosh Hayeshiva davening for both sides of a mishpat and sholom bayis.


Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 5: chiyuv to compensate a loss through gerama, giving a reward to a goy for saving one’s life.  

Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 6: is one allowed to break someone’s smart phone or any electronic device that is the source of inappropriate viewing, can one embarrass someone to stop him from doing an aveira? 2014-12-07
Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 7: Is one allowed to be goirem nezek (or even death) to deter an intruder - leaving a sandwich laced with poison for the robber to find & eat, putting up electric wire fencing to electrocute an intruder, keeping killer dogs in the home to viciously attack a vandal, loosening the laundry-line wires, so that if a robber tries to use them to gain access to your apartment, he'll plunge to his death. 2015-01-04
Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 8: case of mistaken broker,  is it better to work for oneself or work for someone else, case of taking hotel towels, case of a stealing back items from a ganev. 2015-05-17
Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 9: various halachos when backing out from verbal agreement - Part A 2015-12-27
Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 10: various halachos when backing out from verbal agreement - Part B 2016-01-03
Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 11: various halachos when backing out from verbal agreement - Part C 2016-01-10
Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 12: Misha para – changing one’s mind after paying cash without making a kinyan; Freezer breaks down before Shabbos and can’t be fixed before the food spoils, it the food hefker?/ Storekeeper separates out bad produce from the good produce. May one take the bad produce with paying?, Case of Jewish doctor who sells his olam haba to a butcher and dies. 2016-1-17

Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 13: Does an employee need to give notice to the employer before quitting a job?, Giving out one’s estate before dying. Can one use the income after dividing and giving out the estate?, Can one tell another person something that was told to him in confidence?, Can one back out of a real estate deal after making a down payment?


Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 14: case of testing a boy on a date and a shaila of genaivas daas, can one return an unused suit in order to take advantage of a new sale, taking advantage of an airline glitch that clearly was a mistake, buying a dress for a wedding and returning it the next day after use, fooling people into thinking that you are more successful than you really are in order to generate more business, lying to a potential buyer that there is a higher bid in order to get him to pay more money, sending people to a seller convincing him that his price is too high


Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 15: further explanation on returning used items to a store, case of giving wrong information to shadchanim on his roommate, fooling a peddler for a lower price who was selling stolen tefillin, mishulach flying first class, case of sukkah on rented roof and who owns the surrounded area, tricking workers into admitting that they stole something.


Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 16: hagonev min haganiv by a goy, breaking a crooked meter on Shabbos, stories about being honest in business, saying loshon hora to one’s wife, getting change where one coin was worth a lot of money, din torah of someone wanting his benefactor to stop supporting him.


Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 17: is there genivas daas in convincing a goy to buy kosher meat or non- shatnez clothes for health reasons, returning a coat that was full of shatnez, returning money if he davened for the wrong thing, case of using an unrented apartment.


Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 18: sponsoring a day of learning for a refuah shelaima for an aino-yehudi, davening for a fly, giving kavod to an intermarried yid, someone who quit his job due to a misdiagnosed terminal illness, not paying a doctor who told them information they specifically asked not to be told about, asking a doctor about the gender of a baby or planning a birth.


Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 19: can a worker whose salary keeps getting lowered work with less enthusiasm that is equal to the lower paid employees, can a worker go on a diet or take an additional night job if it means he will not have the same strength, cases where something was not in its normal place and was therefore broken, case of throwing out a spoiled chicken that had cash hidden in it, case of borrowing a car that got into an accident, HaRav Elyashiv’s advice to someone that wanted to break his shidduch right before the chasuna.


Interesting Choshen Mishpat Questions Part 20: is one potur from hashavas aveida if by returning it people will think he really stole it, does a cab driver need to tell a customer that the store he is taking him to is closed, case of hidden treasure in an inherited house, case of benefiting from a smart phone, case of lying to help someone to get into the hospital, question of baby naming when husband and wife disagree on the name.

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Misc. Halacha Questions Received from Rabbonim: six hour cheeses, rectifying the shatz who mistakenly skipped tachnun, not living up to mortgage promise, non-orthodox Rabbis getting a bracha at a chupa, showed the wrong place when getting an aliyah l’Torah, falling asleep before benching, burying cremated remains, stopping in middle of shemona esreh, visiting kivrei avos during the first year, baby monitor on Shabbos, opening a patio umbrella, deducting maaser for a charge for a Mosod’s dinner (including babysitting/parking/gas), new minhag where tzibbur says the name of cholim during misha b’erech,  going to court instead of beis din, giving hagbah and gelilah to brothers, bracha on peanut butter. 2014-06-08

Question in Paying for Damage: Parents/In-Laws That Can't Keep Their Promise to Support Their Children, Ordering Treif Food for One's Employees.


Bal Talin

2010-07-04 Download
Voting, Jury Duty, Jewish Judges and Lawyers in Secular Courts in Halachos 2009-11-01 Download

L'fnei Iver #1: in Business Situations and d'Rabbonins



L'fnei Iver #2: giving advice to a goy, working as an ultrasound technician, selling on Chol Hamoed items that will be used after Yom Tov, caterers, travel agents, etc.


L'fnei Iver #3: lending things that will be used b'issur, making shiduchim or being mesader kidushin for non-religious couples, selling clothing that may have shatnez, issur shochad in a secular court.


L'fnei Iver #4: Asking someone to do something mutar for him but assur for you; metal caps, Sefardi vs. Ashkenazi B'hilchos Shabbos, Smoking on Yom Tov, 72 min. vs.60 min, Yom Tov Sheni, Using the Eiruv


L'fnei Iver #5: loshon hora, using a frum doctor vs. a non-frum doctor on Shabbos, a dishonest meshulach, testing the new cleaning help

Hezek R'ia today: building separation between properties, windows that open to neighbors property, listening to neighbors conversation, taking pictures of people that don't want it, hezek in shiduchim with intentions to help 2009-12-20
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The Halachos of Listening to Music Part 1: zecher l’churban - listening to live music nowadays, recorded music, what qualifies as a seudas mitzvah to listen to music, listening or teaching music for non-enjoyment purposes, music in Yerushalayim.


The Halachos of Listening to Music Part 2 and related Halachos of Sefira and Shavous: listening to music during sefira,  keeping sefira during chol hamoed Pesach, dancing and music for seudas mitzvah during sefira, reciting shehecheyanu during sefira, construction during sefira, candle-lighting for Shavous.

Hilchos Ribbis: Hakdama and who is not chayiv b'ribbis. 2010-01-03
Hilchos Ribbis: With non-frum, tinuk shinishba, and mumar clients. Doing business with banks and mortgage houses. 2010-01-10
Hilchos Ribbis: With transaction, HUD, and credit cards 2010-01-17

Hilchos Ribbis: If court obligates one to pay ribbis to malve, accepting bank gifts, cash advance on credit card, CD's, using maaser money to replace lost interest on loan to ani and other maaser shailos. 2010-01-24
Hilchos Ribbis: Interest that accumulated on Shabbos (schar Shabbos), cases of safek ribbis and schar tircha, cashing checks, ribbis devorim-greeting someone warmly or saying thank you who lent you money. 2010-01-31
Hilchos Ribbis: Doing favors for someone that lent you money; i.e. buying a Bar Mitzvah present, sending a nice Mishloach Manos, giving a special kibbud in Shul, diverting jobs to his business, selling items for less than market price.
Dvar Torah: Parshas Mishpotim of kibud av v'em and mamzerim
Hilchos Ribbis: Borrowing and returning items to neighbors, i.e. milk, carpool, eggs, filling up the car with gas and more. Paying back with different currencies, dollars vs. shekels.
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Halachos of Marketing and Disclosure; G'neivas Da'as, Truth in Advertising, Bait and Switch. 2010-04-18
Unlawful Encroachment v Healthy Competition Part 1 presented by Dayan Yaakov Rappoport 2010-04-25
Unlawful Encroachment v Healthy Competition Part 2 presented by Dayan Yaakov Rappoport 2010-05-02
The Mitzva of Lending and the Issur of Ribbis: When, to Whom and at What Expense; Common Ribbis Issues 2010-05-16
Tzedaka & Ma'aser: How Much to Give; Who is Obligated to Give; Giving to Goyim 2010-05-23
Giving Ma’aser: defining revenue that is chayiv in ma’aser; investments, gifts, support, insurance claims, etc.
Using Ma’aser Money for Tuition, Sending Children to Study in Israel, Summer Camps, etc. 2010-06-06
Allocating your Ma’aser Money for Ma’aser Sh’aino Tehora; Aliya in Shul, Endowment Funds, Helping out Relatives, Giving Ma’aser of Your Time During the Day, Buying Raffle Tickets, Tickets and Ads and Banquets and Dinners, etc. 2010-06-13

Hilchos Tzedka Part 1: Pidyon Shevuim today, borrowing money from a pushka, being noder b'machshava, responding to Tzedaka letters in the mail, answering the door, giving during davening, taking Tzedaka from swindlers, which schools have kedima, etc.  


Hilchos Tzedaka Part 2: Which relatives have priority to one’s tzedaka, giving tzedaka before or after taxes, changing one’s donation of many years to another organization, is one required to give tzedaka if he only thought of giving tzedaka but did not speak it out.   


Hilchos Tzedaka Part 3: Finding $ dedicated to a tzedaka that no longer exists, unclear directions in a will, dividing up tzedaka amongst the poor, prioritizing whom to give tzedaka to, praising a rasha in order to get tzedaka (part A).    


Hilchos Tzedaka Part 4: praising a rasha in order to get tzedaka (part B), fooling people to generate more tzedaka, accepting tzedaka from a goy.   

The Mitzva of Lending as it Pertains to the Loiyva (borrower)

Hilchos Pas Yisroel 2010-10-17
Hilchos Bishul Akum 2010-10-24
Hilchos Yayin Nesech 2010-10-31
Hilchos Chalav Yisroel 2010-11-07
Hilchos Gevinas Yisroel 2010-11-14
Priorities Determining Which Business One Should Patronize 2010-11-21
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Important Halachos and Advice for Shiduchim 2010-12-06
Halachos of Going to Arkaos (non-Jewish Court) Part 1 2010-12-12
Halachos of Going to Arkaos (non-Jewish Court) Part 2 (What cases are mutar to go to Arkaos) 2010-12-19
Halachos of Going to Arkaos (non-Jewish Court) Part 3 (continuation of what cases are mutar to go to Arkaos) 2010-12-26
Halachos of Going to Arkaos (non-Jewish Court) Part 4 (continuation of what cases are mutar to go to Arkaos) 2011-01-02
Interesting Kashrus Questions #1: Steps in preventing people from eating trief; Payment to an unscrupulous mashgiach; Non-mevushal wine in kiruv and related situations; Blended shnaaps. 2012-01-01
Interesting Kashrus Questions #2: Is it l’fnei ivar to feed something to someone that you would not eat - Cholov Yisroel, Chodosh, Non- Glatt, Weak Hechsher, (similarly, inviting someone to your house if he uses eiruv and you don’t); Can one can lick meat or chicken to determine if it is kosher by tasting if its salty; Using the same stove top for milk and meat. 2012-01-08

Yorea Deah Misc. Halachos PART 1: Eating fish and milk together, Eating meat and fish together. Doing a shiduch if one of the brothers are no longer frum and or other yichus issues.


Yorea Deah Misc. Halachos PART 2:  Using the same hot water dispenser, percolator, and faucets for milk and meat/ in non-kosher hotels/Pesach. If one can break a shiduch if the other side misrepresented their child’s attributes.


Yorea Deah Misc. Halachos PART 3: Using the same dentures, fillings, and dental crowns for meat and milk and for Pesach.  Keeping a promise to pay for a shiduch when the circumstances change.  


Yorea Deah Misc. Halachos PART 4: The Halachos of Dairy Bread; Does the issur include fleishig bread? What is considered a davar muat? What is the Halacha if he did it by accident? What type of shinui is required? Can one make a shinui afterwards (like stickers)? / Talking a new shiduch while technically still married to one’s first spouse.

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Purim Halachos: Can one be yotzie with Hallel if he can not hear megilla?, What should one do if he forgot to send mishloach manos?, When giving Maatonos L’evyonim to a Gabbai Tzedaka does he have to specify to give to two aniyim? 


Misc. Halacha Questions from the Last Week - Part 1: using a peeler on Shabbos, making tuna salad on Shabbos, cooking gefilta fish with a felishig onion, using contact solution on Shabbos, leaving eggs and onions overnight, what bracha is made on cheesecake, using drops for a pink eye on Shabbos, folding pants and talis on the crease on Shabbos, finding out the gender of one’s unborn child, sending knives to a professional sharpener, mezuzos on closets, a pregnant woman getting a manicure or pedicure, listening to music during meal, extending sheva berochos after shkia on the last day, getting stuck in traffic right before Shabbos, going to a non-kosher or “kosher style” restaurant for a business meeting.


Misc. Halacha Questions from the Last Week - Part 2: drawing picture of sun and moon, wedding in Conservative Shul, throwing out the Yated and Hamodia in garbage, opening an oven on Shabbos, glass water indicator on urn used on Shabbos, fasting three times before bar/bas mitzvah, making sheva berochos after shkia on seventh day, hearing aids on Shabbos, bulb in fridge on Shabbos, using a brick to keep open a door on Shabbos, lighting with t’nai after licht benching, vacation days used on Chol Hamoed vs. summer, kashering between milchig and flieshig, does an office need mezuzos.    


Misc. Halacha Questions from the Last Week - Part 3:  what to do with the shoes of a niftar, an interesting shadchanus question, which parent gets the name the first child, when does a kallah need to start wearing a shaitel.


Misc. Halacha Questions from the Last Week - Part 4: pushing up a birthing date for convenience reasons, discovering something in your pocket while walking on Shabbos.       


Misc. Halacha Questions from the Last Week - Part 5: going into business with a goy, when to publicize that treif is being sold as kosher, staying in a hotel with electronic devices on Shabbos, having a goy call a hospital to find out the wellbeing of a Jewish patient.   


Halachos and specific cases of Ma'ase Akum on Shabbos: Package delivered on Shabbos - lost suitcase delivered by airline on Shabbos; Goy performs melacha on Shabbos, can a Jew purchase on Sunday, erev Yom Tov; Motzei Pesach, when can you purchase from a kosher Dunkin Donuts; Aish Avrohom - instruction to a goy on Shabbos (datay d'nefosho); Percolator filled by a goy on Shabbos - is the hot water permissible; Can a Jew, for whom Shabbos has ended, do melacha for another Jew who holds longer; Ordering taxi service on erev Shabbos for motzei Shabbos, when can the service arrive; Can a Jew pose for a picture, taken by a goy, on Shabbos, and later have hanah from the picture.


Halachos of Ma'ase Akum on Shabbos: amira l’akum where the goy does it with a shinui; can one goy tell another goy to do melacha (amira l’amira); using Fedex on Shabbos; advertising in a newspaper on Shabbos; having a goy open a book with writing on the side; having a goy open your soda bottles; having a goy take out soup/cholent directly from the pot on the stove. 


Halachos of Amira L'akum for Shabbos or Yom Tov: Taking items to the hospital, Representation in court, Permitting work on house rented from a goy, Turning off a security alarm, Turning on a flame for cooking/warming, Placing garbage can into pick up location and other issues with garbage, Turning off lights, Turning on a dishwasher, Use of a vacuum cleaner or mopping floors   


Halachos and specific cases of Amira L’akum in other Issurie Torah Park 1:  Introduction to sugya, covering the Shem Hashem in construction, shaving a beard for surgery, cutting a fruit tree, insurance fraud.    

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Halachos and specific cases of Amira L’akum in other Issurie Torah Park 2:  Vasectomy and hysterectomy in Halacha, nurturing an animal, avoiding tevilas keilim, Jewish chemist cooking an item that has bosor v’cholov, allowing a barber to dye one’s hair, being mevatel issur l’chatchila.    2012-11-04
Interesting Shidduchim Shailos Part 1: Offering an Apartment in Yerushalayim where Shadchan Lies, Bochor Makes up Shidduch As Joke on Friend, Shadchan Initiates Relationship Than Makes a Switch, Bochor Impersonates Shadchan for Himself, Investigating Brothers of the Kallah, A Wealthy Almana's Shidduchin Request for Her Daughter    2012-07-04

Interesting Shidduchim Shailos Part 2: Responses from a Rav  - sent to the wrong persons, Sofek or Vadai Niddah, Loshen Horah Regarding Middos of a Kalla, Bochor Offered Girl with Limp or Divorced, Checking out a Bochor's Handwriting, Distressed Bochor Steals and Returns Items from a Widow, Hakol Etz Mashuna - Hakol Lashuna, Lashon Horah about the Kallah on a Bus, Bochor with a Large Scar on His Face, Couple divorced because choson sterile; marries another and has a baby boy, Shadchan muttar to represent his own son (stealing away a shidduch)    


Interesting Shidduchim Shailos Part 3: Shadchanus that resurfaced many years later, case of mistaken identity, is it mutar to pose as a potential parent in order to hear what his friends/neighbors are saying about his family, case of collecting shadchanus on a disputed dirah

Interesting Shidduchim Shailos Part 4: doing a shidduch where the parents are gerim, using a shadchan with a bad track record, doing a shiduch with a katlanus, case of paying a realtors fee, case of stealing unfiltered cell phones that were going to be destroyed. 2015-05-10
Ask the Posek   Part 1
Can the father, who is not Jewish, be the sandek at his son's bris?, Is one required to wear a yarmulke while working?, Can one continue a remodeling project during the nine days?, Does one have to take challah from purchased ready-made dough with a chechsher?, Can one buy a car during the three weeks or nine days?, Can a woman in aveilos go to the Siyyum HaShas?, Is one allowed to cut a sheitel during the three weeks?, Is it permissible to neuter a cat?, Questions that come up related to vasectomies, Should one treat Lekutei Peshatim as shaimos?, Can one dispose of a CD containing divrei Torah in the garbage?, What is the proper bracha on Raisin Bran?, Is it permissible to listen to music during the three weeks to help stay awake when driving long distances?,Are brochos required when eating through a feeding tube?, When is one required to make a shehakol on drinking water?, Can one open an oven or warming drawer on Shabbos?, How should one dispose of a book received in the mail that contains both the Jewish and non-Jewish bibles?, How can one move a candelabra on Shabbos?, How much hair of a married woman can be permissibly be visible?, When is the appropriate time to place a mezuzah on a rental house?, Can one use a baby monitor on Shabbos?, Can a kallah purchase items during the three weeks?, Is it permissible to have a non-Jew as a babysitter while the parents go out of town?, Can one squeeze the liquid from a can of tuna fish on Shabbos?, Where should one light candles for Shabbos when not eating at home?
Ask the Posek Part 2
Shiva for father who will be cremated; Saying tehillim at night; Use of earplugs on Shabbos; Remodeling house and sealing existing windows or doors; maaser money to support; destitute parents, paying tuition; Recently married can husband dye hair; Can one put a sick animal to sleep; Killing pests; Buying treifos for your co-workers; Where to put mezuzah when entryway is very tall; Using camp icemaker on Shabbos; In hospital over Shabbos; Can one buy for non-frum non-kosher; Can one serve non-frum even when you know they won't make berachos; Catering non-frum event during sifira; Shaking hands with member of opposite sex; Using peeler on Shabbos; When is one is obligated on mezuzah; Bought second house, renting first to non-frum - can one remove mezuzahs from first house; Shadchanos when you use another sĥadchan than one who made the suggestion; Washing hands after giving blood. 
Ask the Posek Part 3
Carrying tefillin into the bathroom; Tevilah for disposable aluminum pans;  leaning lady touching non-mevushal wine; Silent prayer of shatz when nusach differs from nusach of shul; Use of cane or crutches on Shabbos; Date of first yahrzeit; When your zemanim differ from the shul; Putting up mezuzahs when renting house; Cooking fish in fleishig pot; Kashering pot that became treif on the outside; Unknowingly purchasing treif meat - can you sell it; Crock pot purchase - high low or fixed temperature; Forgot to light candles while visiting someone else; Are you allowed to lie for shidduchim / business; Making a shidduch when names of chosson / kallah are similar to in-law; Are you obligated to tovel new oven racks or broiler tray; Can you cut down a mulberry tree; Which diapers to buy.  


Ask the Posek Part 4
Taking the Mezuzos when selling your house; Earliest time for Kidush Levana; Kashering a big pot; Calculating the 11 months of Kaddish; Latest Tefilin Retzuos tumult; Attending a Reform wedding; Making a Beracha on a Mezuza in your office; Pressuring someone that owes you money; Lo Silbash – wearing clothes of the opposite gender and dying your hair; Tuckpointing on Shabbos; Benching for Shalosh Seudos with Retzie if one already davened Maariv or said Boruch Hamvdil; Burying a non-frum person in a frum cemetery. 

Ask the Posek Part 5
Paying a shadchan, case of bar metzrah, making a shehechiyanu on seeing a new fruit, case of toichen b’Shabbos, tutoring on Shabbos, how much and when to pay a shadchan, heter iska when lending to a corporation, buying stocks in a non-kosher corporation, wearing gloves on Shabbos, when to name a pre-mature baby girl, cleaning lady on Shabbos, chiyuv tevila when re-using a bottle, what type of crockpot is preferred, l’fnie iver when giving food that will be warmed on Shabbos, percolator that became milchig, giving a present on an Indian holiday, havdlalah without fire.  


Ask the Posek Part 6
Issur tzovea with toiletries, bracha on newborn, kashrus for elderly parents, peeled eggs and onions overnight, making a shaitel out of one’s own hair, giving shots on Shabbos, chaplain signing for a goy that he is Jewish, shtar Shabbos, sheva brochos at Sholosh Seudos, putting away tefillin, borer -moving aside items in the freezer, fixing a toilet on Shabbos, yichud in a car service, taking mezuzos when moving, tefilas haderech, throwing out Torah tapes, returning issur hanah, whip cream on Shabbos. 

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Halachos of Inviting Non-Religious Guests and Family for Shabbos and Yom Tov    2012-09-03
Halachos of Osaik B’mitzvah Potur Min Hamitzva  2012-12-23

Halachos of Birchas Hatorah and Making a Choice Between Paying for a D’var Mitzvah or Receiving it as a Gift (arba minim, grandfather’s tefilin, etc.)   


Hilchos Eiruv Chatzerois: defining the shuir for eiruv chatzerois, making one with non-frum neighbors, making one in a hotel, a hospital, apartment houses and condominiums.

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Bain Adam L’Chaveiro Halachic Issues    

Employer & Employees: Forming the Relationship, A Worker's Obligation to His Employer

 Gezilas Yisroel and Gezel Akum Part 1 2011-05-22
Gezilas Yisroel and Gezel Akum Part 2 - More cases of Gezilas Yisroel and Gezel Akum, Stealing on Taxes, Stealing from Credit Cards 2011-05-29
Gezilas Yisroel and Gezel Akum Part - Cutting through people's yards; parking in someone else's spot; parking without paying the meter; lying about your age; taking advantage of a store's return policy. Anisakis worm controversy (last few minutes) 2011-06-05
Gezilas Yisroel and Gezel Akum Part 4 - Purposely damaging someone's car that is illegally parked, grabbing money that is owed to you, stealing someone's sleep, stealing someone's time, cutting in line. 2011-06-12
Gezilas Yisroel and Gezel Akum Part 5 - Lo Sachmod: Pressuring someone to give or sell you something; Tzedaka collectors, In-Laws, Business Deals, etc 2011-06-19
Gezilas Yisroel and Gezel Akum Part 6 - Doing a favor for a friend and asking for payment; What to do when stuck on an airplane Friday afternoon and landing after Shabbos; Notifying others about people who don't pay back loans

Gezilas Yisroel and Gezel Akum Part 7 - The seller setting a higher price on purpose for someone who is going to bargain with the seller; Which person gets to keep a valuable find; Causing a loss to people who overhear a false phone conversation; Is there a heter shem shamayim to cause someone else tzar; Where there is a great need, are you allowed to say a falsehood and damage someone's object; Who is responsible to pay for medicine that was used by someone else without that person's knowledge 2011-07-03
Gezilas Yisroel and Gezel Akum Part 8


Gezilas Yisroel and Gezel Akum Part 9 - and Masik - Causing damage that results in a greater good


Hilchos Hasagas Gvul - Competition Part 1 - Opening competing stores and businesses


Hilchos Hasagas Gvul - Competition Part 2 - Opening competing play-groups, shuls, real estate, basement businesses, cleaning help, schools, kashrus agencies, etc.

Hilchos Hasagas Gvul - Competition Part 3 - Soliciting clients, tzedaka lists, intellectual rights, copying a few pages from a sefer, copying tapes/cd’s, company secrets, Chazon Ish’s reminder that parnasa is from Shomayim. 2011-11-20
UNPUBLISHED KASHRUS CHIDUSHIM HEARD FROM REB MOSHE ZT”L Part 1: Kashering dishwashers, Bosor Sh’nisalem min Hayain, Waiting 6 hours, Bishul akum in factories, Bishul Yisroel on potatoes, Pilot lights, A non-Jew left alone in the house. 2011-11-27
UNPUBLISHED KASHRUS CHIDUSHIM HEARD FROM REB MOSHE ZT”L Part 2: Cooking liver that was not kashered in three days, Chazarah after pot was put onto the floor, Warming drawers -hot boxes-kedaira blech, Eating at non-frum relatives. 2011-12-04

Kashrus and Timtum Halev: Non-Jewish and Non-frum help in the kitchen, if there is timtum halev when one accidently ate non-kosher or if he is allowed to eat non-kosher, timtum halev when taking medicine with gelatin capsules, timtum halev in blood and other transplants.  

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Halachic Issues of Dealing with Elderly Parents Part 1: What's the extent of the mitzvah?  What does it obligate the son or daughter to do?; Terminal Illness:  Are you supposed to inform a parent that they have a terminal illness?  Can you put a terminally ill parent into Hospice?; Is it permitted to take money from a parent without their permission, to use for the parent's maintenance?  If the parents don't have money, are the children obligated to pitch in?; Elderly parents who can't take care of themselves any longer:  Put them into a Nursing Home?  Bring them into your house?  Or hire help to keep them at home?; Alzheimer's:  Is there a mitzvah of Bikur Cholim of a parent who has Alzheimer's?  Is there a special consideration to take a parent with Alzheimer's into your home? 


Halachic Issues of Dealing with Elderly Parents Part 2: Hospice care vs. home care, is it better for a son or the daughter to take care of the parent, using parents money for care, bikur cholim for an Alzheimer patient or for one in a coma, requirement to visit a parent daily, moving out of town that will leave one’s parents alone, leaving parents to get married, breaking one’s promise to say kaddish at every tefillah, bathing a parent, reporting parent abuse against the parent’s will.   


Halachos of Kibud Av V’em Part 1 – Cases of Kibud Av V’em where the Parents Object: A doctor working in a warzone against his parent’s wishes, doing a shiduch against their parent’s will, child wants to donate a kidney, giving parents something unhealthy per the parent’s insistence, doing things for the parents that are not in the realm of Halacha


Halachos of Kibud Av V’em Part 2: When one parent insists that the other parent (or new spouse) not attend their child’s wedding, money and kibud av, sitting in parent’s seat and does a parent sit at the head of their child’s table, contradicting a parent and using your parents first name, compensation when traveling to parents.    2013-01-27
Halachos of Kibud Av V’em Part 3: Does the mitzvah apply if the parents did not raise him, standing up for parent/for a parent that has dementia/for a parent on a bike or car/during kreias shma, walking with a parent, waking up a parent, kavod for a deceased parent, expiration of a yarzheit. 


Halachos of Kibud Av V’em Part 4: Can one change the will of their deceased spouse, isha m’shubad l’baalah, can an avelia attend a Simcha if her husband insists, chiyuv kibud if parent is a rasha, if mechila works by kibud av v’em, stepparents. 


Halachos of Kibud Av V’em Part 5: Kibud av v’em for in-laws, older brother, grandfather, and great-grandfather.    


Halachos of Kibud Av V’em Part 6: Hitting a parent, drawing blood or giving a shot to parent, doctor or dentist working on a parent, teasing a parent, dealing with non-Jewish parents, saying kaddish for a non-Jewish parent, being m’keim Mitzvas pru u’rvu by raising an orphan/adopted child and if these children have a mitzvah of Kibud Av V’em.     


Shiduchim Part 1: paying a goy for being the shadchan, shadchanis dependent on whether boy is a yirei shomayim, case of mixed names, collecting shadchanus for davening for a friend in need of a shiduch, dispute amongst realtors. 


Shiduchim Part 2: Stealing a shidduch from someone else (“ani ha’mihapech b’charara”), criteria to break a shidduch, case of “baal metzrah”.



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Hilchos Orach Chayim
Halachos of V’sen Tal Umator: ben Chutza l’aretz that visits Eretz Yisroel before December 4th, forgetting to say V’sen Tal Umator. 2013-10-13
Siman Aleph: Halachos of getting up in the morning, getting dressed, kasho l'shickcha (not forgetting your learning) and reading a matzaiva. 2010-01-03

Siman Beis: Halachos of Kosha l'shikcha.  Using your right or left hand for tying shoes and other matters 2010-01-17

Siman Beis continued: Halachos of wearing a yarmulka 2010-01-24
Siman Gimel: talking and bringing food into the bathroom, the proper direction of sleeping 2010-01-31
Siman Nun Beis: Halachos of Coming Late to Davening - Part 1 2011-01-09
Siman Nun Beis: Halachos of Coming Late to Davening - Part 2 2011-01-16
Siman Nun Beis: Halachos of Coming Late to Davening - Part 3. Simani Nun Ches and Samech Vov: Answering Amein During Birchos Kryias Shma, Zemanai Kryias Shma. 2011-01-23

Siman Nun Ches continued:  Kryias Shma and Zemanai Kryias Shma


Siman Pei Tes: Halachos of Davening; chiyuv to daven with a minyan, if tefila b’tzibur and/or chazaras hashatz needs 10 or only 6, is there chazaras hashatz if the 10 davened b’yechidus.


Siman Pei Tes: Halachos of Davening - Davening close to the zman, Siman Kuf Yud Tes -Adding personal requests in shmona esrei, Siman Tzadik  -Splitting up a minyan to accommodate aveliem and yahrzeits.

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